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    10/23 Raptor Video

    Thanks for the update. Relieved to hear no injuries.
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    Adventurer 333 - same one? New This is an Adventure Air Adventurer 333 quick build kit. The first 2 photos are a flying How many of these can there be for sale?
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    turbo installation ?s

    This outfit has been around for a while doing what you ask. Though not clear if you meant EA/B or certified worlds. Looks like this is their everything-other-than-parts website:
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    I think you transposed a couple digits. Last update 2021: EPI Inc. Revision History
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    Promaks M-12 Anyone know more about this airplane? It's rather interesting. Thanks in advance -shad
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    The A-4 Skyhawk

    Issue #26, description: The MINI-HAWK is a 2./3 scale jet fighter concept proposed by Embry-Riddle University, using a Chevy engine driving a fan.
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    Anyone view this site without ad blockers?

    For me at least there are less ads when you're signed in, not no ads. Ads don't seem to be related to anything I care about.
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    Workshop cleanliness for open layup

    Thanks to everyone for their input! The consensus seems to be that I should be ok as long as I'm not an idiot about things and take a couple/few small preventative measures. The plan is to make a couple assembly tables so they can be arranged into different shapes, as needed. My go to option...
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    Workshop cleanliness for open layup

    New-to-me workshop was used for wood working. Sawdust everywhere, even on the ceiling. Needless to say all this will be vacuumed and wiped and maybe a fresh coat of paint on the walls/ceiling. The concrete floor is what concerns me. It's your typical brushed finish concrete like you would...
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    Challenge: Beat Strega

    G-Force / Dart air racer. Looks like the design evolved. G-Force - Dart -
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    Saunders JetHawk...Any builders?

    Matt, Thank you very much for running the numbers, I greatly appreciate it! I mistakenly wrote mixed-mode fans, when what I mean was mixed-flow fans. They're centrifugal/axial hybrid fans that have characteristics of both. Earlier in this thread you mentioned that it might be best for...
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    Saunders JetHawk...Any builders?

    Matt, I have a couple questions for you if you don't mind answering! 1) How much thrust would your coldjet produce at say 400kts? 2) Any thoughts on mixed mode fans? Thanks, Serge.
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    Form over Function

    The reason why hi-po car engines sound lumpy at idle (well one of them) is because the engines are tuned to maximize power. How do you maximize power? You spin the engine as fast as you can. Essentially the 'lumpy-hi-po-cam' moves the power (and efficiency - which you should care about) up...
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    Liberty Engine and Torsional Vibration .pdf:
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    New infusion regime for superthick laminates

    "It’s the holy grail of infusion: an unsaturated polyester or vinyl ester resin that allows unlimited flow time to vacuum infuse very large, thick parts, cures on demand and produces parts with mechanical properties equivalent to epoxy. Sound impossible? In fact, it is now a reality." New...
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    windshield material

    Orion, There are new rules for the Super Sport class. no kit requirements <4500lbs empty <1000ci for engine(s) I don't know what layout you are working with but you could conceivably use two smaller engines and get under the 1000ci limit or switch to a single engine. Cheers, Serge.
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    Why is the gossamer albatross prop angled downwards?

    I'll make a guess. Perhaps it's because the propeller is acting in the wing's downwash and giving the propeller a positive AOA lined it up better with the flowstream -> better efficiency. Shrug, Serge.
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    3D Cad (Lesson 101)

    By chance did you mean 512mB ram? Regards, Serge.
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    speed of Lite

    Please, if you may be so inclined, explain how this makes for a safer aircraft? Thanks, Serge.
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    Trace Engines L.P.

    EngineGuy, was there any investigation into thermal barrier coatings to help with thermal management issues? Thanks, Serge.