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    Chip is making progress with the Merlin Lite

    I'm not sure if you are allowed to add ca. 30 pounds (for 5 gallons fuel): " ...... Although batteries may indeed be used to provide power to an electric motor, the FAA does not agree that those batteries should...
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    Jim Bede's Inflatable Wings

    At least this one ... .... flew. And here ..... .... an interesting new department of the Swiss EMPA.
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    Nenadović biplane

    Here is a better translation with which the French RSA helped me. Unfortunately, my query about the whereabouts of the other AS-37 mentioned in the article did not reveal anything. It is quite possible that only the F-WYBG was flown for a longer time.
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    Nenadović biplane

    Here you will find some considerations from Rudy Nickel - a very experienced builder and pilot - who built and flew an AS-37 at the end of the seventies: André Starck Archives - Passion pour l'aviation The article was published in the RSA magazine no 100-101. It is written in French and the...
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    Nenadović biplane
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    How to incorporate a Hydrogen fuel cell into an electric aircraft for Homebuilders?

    August 6, 2009: already forgotten?
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    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    Thank you Hot Wings that you emphasized the word "like" in your posting. I see that the same way. But since I learned that the Mignet Cordouan* is no longer a Flea because he as ailerons, I try to be as restrictive as possible in this forum ;) For example I ask myself if this mechanism in a so...
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    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    Sorry! In my previous posting I better should have shown the text in the NACA contractor report CR 3135 page 1 (pdf-page 10) As I’m not aerodynamicist I just can repeat what I read in the different NACA “freewing”-...
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    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    Why do you want to limit the deflection of the tab? On a true freewing the tab deflects always in the opposite sense of the wing panel: NASA CR 3135 / page 3 (pdf-page 12) Of course, the axis of rotation must be...
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    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    Sorry that I didn't mention it. But when I think about free-wings, I automatically also think of a single one. “three axis <> Pou-du-Ciel”: In Europe I would say: “be not more Catholic than the Pope” ;-) The CORDOUAN has ailerons and “belongs” nevertheless to the Pou-du-Ciel formula. Hm-1100 -...
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    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    Why do you use your push-pull cable just for the wing-incidence? If you mount the control tabs separately on each wing, you could pretty simple produce an elevon-effect and we would have an interesting full 3-axis aircraft. ;)
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    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    A real Spratt wing (also called free wing) is absolutely independend from other forces than the laminar air-flow. Like a weather vane! This requires that the fuselage hangs (a little bit in front of the center of pressure) like a pendulum on the wing. That’s why you can’t “force” the airfoil...
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    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    In my opinion the classification in Canard or Tandem is irrelevant in this case. (The developers called it a Tandem). Just look at the countless very interesting details of Lockspeisers projects . Especially in terms of simplicity:
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    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    Does 150% means that the front wing should carry one and a half times the weight of the rear wing? (e.g. MTOM = 450 lbs --> front wing = 270 lbs, rear wing = 180 lbs) Or should we try to respect a one and a half relation with regard to the wing-loading? (e.g. front-wing 17.1 lbs/ft^2, rear-wing...
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    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    Maybe that was referring to one of those tandem aircrafts?
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    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    The Croses CPL is a pure Flying Flea. And on Flying Fleas pitch-control takes place in changing the AOA of the front wing. That’s why the front wing is rotatable suspended on those two struts and controlled by the pilot via the stick that I marked on the below photo. An interesting detail: If I...
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    Why battery-powered aircraft will never have significant range

    OK. But - already 12 years ago - light enough to cross the English Channel in an ultralight ;-)
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    What could be done to reinvent the Affordaplane to a more homogeneous project?

    Don't worry about Daniel Dalbys designs. He and his team ... ... are experienced, well formed and successful with one spar wings. At least the Cubchel
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    MotoBird - 2 seat aircraft with Rotax 503

    Very interesting project. And a perfect way of proceeding. Congratulation :) When I study your table in posting #2 I have some questions: - What will be the span and surface of the tail section and where will be his position in the part "prototype"? And - which values do you plan to use for...