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  1. Wayne

    Certification of Vertical Take Off Vehicle

    Folks - One of the young ladies who came up through my EAA Chapter, and who used to hang out at the maintenance shop here on the weekends, has gone to a major university to pursue Aeronautical Engineering. I'm super proud of her because she liked being "hands on" as she felt it would help her...
  2. Wayne

    PLEASE IGNORE ME For Sale Continental REM IO-360 & Prop

    Hi folks - we have available, in the Chicago, IL, USA area the following motor and prop that were donated to the local museum who now seeks to find them a new home. ENGINE Rebuilt Continental REM IO-360-CB7B, 6 Cylinder Year: 1997 Serial Number 236526-R Engine hours 367.2 PROP MTV-9-D-C 1995...
  3. Wayne

    Paradise Aircraft

    Hi all, One of the guys here at the airport is looking to add a Light Sport aircraft on lease back to the Flying School to be used as a primary trainer for both Private Pilot and Light Sport. The aircraft is manufactured by Paradise in Brazil. Here's the link for the specific aircraft P1 |...
  4. Wayne

    Wanted: Right Hand Slick Magneto/150 Seats

    Hi everyone! We have finished up rebuilding a really nice Continental O200 for an early 150 (manual flaps) we may have our apprentices restore over the Winter at the shop. Since the bird didn't come with Mags or Seats we are in need of them. When you have a moment could you let me know if you...
  5. Wayne

    Plans/Kits for aircraft like the Monocoupe 90

    Hey everyone! Has anyone seen kits/plans for an aircraft with the same look as the Monocoupe? Make a challenging but very nice build I reckon! Wayne
  6. Wayne

    Builder Assistance Program

    Hi folks! I hope your Spring/Fall is well underway :) I'm sending this note to get your collective wisdom on what a Builders Assistance Program might look like in your ideal world (and NO it's not free!). Our Flight School & Maintenance shop are doing quite well, and with March 1st, 2020 being...
  7. Wayne

    James May's Toy Stories - Free Flight Glider - 22 Miles

    Folks - please enjoy this lovely film on Youtube as James May (Top Gear & now Grand Tour) relives his childhood in a grand way!
  8. Wayne

    Pre-Buy for Cherokee 140

    Guys, A good friend of mine is looking at the Cherokee 140 referenced below. Do you guys know of any good/trustworthy A&P/IA's in the New Britain Connecticut area? The airport is 4B8. We are aware of the spar AD so we would need some digging into the logs as well. Feel free to PM me or...
  9. Wayne

    New Flying School - Input Requested

    Hey folks! I'm over the moon in reporting that a very good friend of mine and I have acquired some of the assets of the previous flight school at Clow International Airport (1C5) in Bolingbrook, IL, USA and have started up a new school called JW Aviation, or JWA. The website, which will be...
  10. Wayne

    Future of aviation/auto gasoline?

    Folks - I, like many of you, have an airplane engine that burns gasoline. In my case the engine is a UL Power which requires 93 Octane non leaded fuel and will likely come from an automobile gas station. With vehicle manufacturers world wide focusing heavily on electrification (a combination...
  11. Wayne

    Fiberglass Fairings

    Folks, There are a number of places on the Cruzer that will benefit from a fairing, and I'm thinking fiberglass is the easiest, quickest, and least expensive way to go. I plan on making a fairing for the lower edge of the windshield that will double as an attachment instead of the rubber that...
  12. Wayne

    Development of Composite Props for Paramotor's / Ultralights

    Gang, Since this is an early idea I'm posting it here versus in the supplier section. As a follow on from my "where's my money coming from in retirement" thread I have been mulling a few ideas around making money in aviation (OK - you can stop laughing now!!!). I do think, however, a few...
  13. Wayne

    Use of canned expanding foam to support aluminum hard lines

    Folks, I'm running the aluminium hard lines for my Zenith Cruzer, with a UL Power FADEC engine. The engine requires a supply and return for each tank. There is a nice, but tight, channel that makes up the rear sill of the pilot and passenger door and I'd like to run the lines inside that for...
  14. Wayne

    Inexpensive, Easiest, Least Toxic Aircraft Paint

    Folks, I'm approaching the home stretch with my Cruzer build (I hope!!) and am going to be painting soon. I'm in a heated, shared, hangar right now but will be able to build a visqueen enclosure and will be able to rig some kind of ventilation exhaust but I'm going to have folks working in the...
  15. Wayne

    Being able to afford to fly in "retirement" Tips & Tricks

    Gang, I'm hoping that this thread is of no relevance to any of you because you planned well and were fortunate through your own efforts and fate to be well set later in life. At 53, and with the twins just now graduated, I'm entering into that part of my life where I look forward and can...
  16. Wayne

    Pre-Flight Checklists "Our Way!!!"

    We have hundreds and hundreds of years of combined experience on the forum across a wide variety of airplanes. I know you guys use mnemonics or printouts for your checklists. I'll shutdown with SLIME - Switches to off, LEAN engine until off, Ignition switch off, Master switches off, Exit the...
  17. Wayne

    EAA 461 Give Flight Zenith Cruzer Delivered to Oshkosh

    Hi folks! EAA Chapter 461 successfully delivered our Give Flight project to AirVenture today, thanks to the dedication of a team of aviators and builders from 461 and Chapter 95. I'll post more details later (just got home from a very sad family event in England) but am so proud of the guys for...
  18. Wayne

    A new all-electric aircraft with a range up to 600 miles unveiled at Paris Air Show Should I be bummed out we invested in a brand new dino-fuel motor for the Cruzer?
  19. Wayne

    Anyone know anything about this plane - Windjamer 2 (might be spelled WindJammer 2)

    Folks, A nice guy wants to donate the plane in the pictures to my EAA Chapter. It is like an all wood Cub, and I think it is called a Windjamer with one M. I could be wrong about that. There is limited documentation with it, and it is a two seater with an old Rotax 532. It is very...
  20. Wayne

    General Aviation News - SimplyFLY & Remos Article

    Folks, This is a follow on we had from the "is GA dying / make aviation more accessible" thread. SimplyFLY is the company I refer to in those threads. The whole team puts a huge...