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  1. pylon500

    Australian 9/11 Kneejerk

    CAUTIONTHIS COULD TURN INTO A RANT :mad: :angry: Like anything in Australia, it takes our governmental bodies ages to figure out how to rule things (and stay popular), unless the media gets hold of it. Then the old kneejerk approach takes hold and everyone (except the guilty:eek: ) takes it...
  2. pylon500

    First flight Memories

    Yep, those were the days....:D September 19, 1999. Arthur.
  3. pylon500

    Glass Types

    Just trying to get some opinions on glass layups with regard to amounts of resin used for different types of weaves versus their overall strength. :confused: I'm planning on using unwoven bi-directional with a well 'stippled' wet layup without vacuum bagging, the idea being to keep down time...
  4. pylon500

    Mercedes Engine!

    Was doing some design work for a scaled war bird, and got to thinking I needed an all alloy V-6 in the 2.5~3.0 litre range. After a Gooogle search I found a motor that was, All Alloy, 2.6 litre, Single overhead cam (a bit lighter than quad cam) And due to having 3 valves per cylinder...
  5. pylon500

    Building Update

    Hi Guys, I'll post here as we don't have a 'What we're building' area. I've just uploaded a stack of photos of my LR-2 construction to a YaHoO photo site. Go to;Building the LR-2 I'll try to keep this updated when possible. :rolleyes: Just too many things to do, buy land, build new house...
  6. pylon500

    Inverted Rotax

    G'Day All, just want to hear from others that have invert mounted Rotax's with regards to oiled up plugs and starting. :mad: I previously had an inverted single ignition 503 in my plane, that never seemed to give much trouble. If parked for any more than a month or so, I'd have to pull the...
  7. pylon500

    Just for Laughs

    G'Day WhirlyBoys, I figure that I'll probably never have enough time or money to build all the wild things I design, so I'll share this rotorcraft concept I pinched (yeah I'll admit that!) Go down and have a look at the picture, then read the rest of the post... Specs. and ideas, Powered...
  8. pylon500

    Harvard replica one day

    G'Day from OZ, Just joined the forum so you'll find me uploading all my dreams and current projects at various places around the site. :D Sat down one day thinking of building some form of warbird replica with an eye to production and had a look at the list; Mustang? done to death...
  9. pylon500

    All Metal 'STOLLITE'

    G'Day from OZ, I've just joined the group so thought I would wave the flag for my previous machine. I call it the STOLLITE (STOL Ultralight) This is my forth project, and second to be completed. (it's also been rebuilt and modified once) :rolleyes: The wings came from my third project and...
  10. pylon500

    Pylon-500 from OZ

    G'Day from DownUnder :p: My name's Arthur Armour, I live in Sydney Australia, I fix light aircraft for a job and do all sorts of things related to ultralights as a hobby; design, build, fly and instruct :D I'm currently working on my fifth project, which I hope to go into production of, so I...