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  1. billyvray

    Options to add a Thread Gallery function?

    I saw a feature on the RCGroups forum recently and was curious if it could be added here. The option is a "Thread Gallery", which opens a page to preview all the images posted within a thread. I find it VERY cool and useful. As many of the thread on HBA come with pictures I think it makes it a...
  2. billyvray

    Single seat Wittman/RV3 mashup on Facebook for sale

    link: Log into Facebook | Facebook Wittman inspired, but with all aluminum tail and wings from RV3. Single seat, was 503 powered.
  3. billyvray

    Flying Flea layout, but not free-wing....shower thoughts..

    So, I printed out the HM293 single page plan. While on a conference call I cut out a simple foam board chuck glider. During the trimming/balancing phase, I had to decrease the rear wing incidence to be basically flat to get it to fly. I did NOT make the the front wing a free-wing. It flies...
  4. billyvray

    Birdy electric motorglider

    Popped up on my Youtube feed. Nice looking little sailplane. Pusher, electric, shaft driven, all composite. translated site: Google Translate
  5. billyvray

    The Dobson Convertiplane - VTOL

    I just found this interesting attempt at a VTOL or VSTOL aircraft. Twin mcCullouque 2 strokes, counter rotating, swash plate controlled props, delta wing, low aspect ratio - I'm not sure what other descriptors it needs. I figured this group would be all over it! This actually seems like a good...
  6. billyvray

    Spaceship 2 amphibian

    Found this on social media. Looks neat.
  7. billyvray

    Aviation-related life insurance?

    I'm currently not involved in aviation much -other than RC and dreaming/scheming, etc. A primary reason for this is a family concern. My company-provided life insurance have specific clauses regarding not paying out if you are the pilot in command. That used to only be the case if it was...
  8. billyvray

    Hent Performance, 1/2 Rotax 912 conversion kit

    I saw this on a Facebook post. A fellow has created a 1/2 rotax 912 and plans to make it a kit - buy his parts and stick the reusable 912 bits on it. Similar to the 0100. Claims about 50 hp. There are running videos, but none swinging a prop yet. Claimed dry weight is 39kg (86 lbs)...! Already...
  9. billyvray

    Sonerai-esque, side-by-side

    I am sketching up a 3 view for a two seat, side by side seating, steel tube fuselage aircraft. I am on the fence between metal wings or composite wings. Some thoughts, and questions: 1) steel tube mainly for durability, crash protection, and it's really not that slow vs other construction if...
  10. billyvray

    Old model building magazines online

    You guys may just end up hating me for this. I stumbled onto an online archive site for old model building magazines. The collection is very extensive, and ranges from full-size aircraft down to ultra lightweight free flight. I have already downloaded several and have spent more time than I...
  11. billyvray

    sun-n-Fun 2019

    I'm making plans, but am not sure yet. I hope to at least be there Friday and Saturday. Coming down from just below Atlanta.
  12. billyvray

    Maya Ultralight

    I stumbled onto this site that covers a nice little wood pusher UL. enjoy
  13. billyvray

    Beta technologies Ava

    Haven't seen this one. Land air -based Electric quad copter-esque flying machine. Also they talk about a series of portable landing stations built out of shipping containers...
  14. billyvray

    Assistance please - looking for multi-slat wing Russain design...

    I've seen it a bunch, but cannot remember the name. It was a Russian design (maybe a few different ones) that I believe was a glider - like a primary glider type - that had multiple small airfoil slats across the span rather than a single airfoil wing. Help appreciated. typo in the title....ugh
  15. billyvray

    Embedded videos not showing up

    I'm on a new system, windows 10, browsing in Internet Explorer, and the embedded videos only show a large black square. I can get to the link via right click/properties, but I'm curious if there is a setting that I could change to rectify the issue. Bill
  16. billyvray

    2SI (Cuyuna) engine spark issue

    I have an old 2SI engine - the 460-F35. Basically it's a Cuyuna with a little more bore and CDI. I'm having an issue with the ignition. The old Phelon units are crapped out. The only known supplier in the world has even sent me a set of new units to try out - little different shape but have...
  17. billyvray

    Wittman landing gear

    I'm curious if anyone has details on Steve's landing gear wherein he turned the outer legs of the flat bar gear outward and secured the axle to that. How in the heck is that built?! Maybe I'm overthinking it. I don't have Vwitt plans but guess it shows that. Bill
  18. billyvray

    Parson Mini-Cub

    A while back a photo of a single seat cub was posted. It was a good-looking, very scale, J3 Cub replica with a single seat and a VW engine. I spent a while trying to find the thread but could not. So, to answer the question many had of "what is that?", here you go: Parson Mini-Cub. 80% scale...
  19. billyvray

    Rivet gun recommendation

    I'm considering purchasing a rivet gun. Live looked at the Eastwood rivet gun set here i would appreciate comments about it or recommendations towards a decent one. Bill Georgia
  20. billyvray

    Triple Tree Aerodrome Fly-In 9/6-9/10/17

    A buddy and I are heading over to South Carolina for the Triple Tree Fly-in. We are going to be in a motor home and bringing the kids to camp, but hope to be set up watching airplanes for a day or two. Supposed to be a pretty good little event. Bill in GA