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  1. pylon500

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Spent a few hours on my bandsaw and mill machining the retract links for my project(s). And tried my dummy wheel and pivots in the (#1) centre section. This is only a mock up wheel to test the retract movements.
  2. pylon500

    Scattering Ashes?

    Done both ashes and gender reveal drop (dyed corn starch powder). Ashes were from the plastic urn supplied, used a 1" step drill to bore a hole in the bottom, then covered with gaffa tape. Used an old two seat side by side ultralight with the doors off. Had a passenger pull the top bung (also...
  3. pylon500

    AMPERe One stroke engine

    Lithium Coal charging Nuclear waste Finite oil The woes of technology... That's it, I'm buying a horse, just hope it can run fast enough to launch my glider. Horse: Energy system= 24hour one stroke, (fuel intake, 24 hour power conversion, exhaust) =1 horse power.
  4. pylon500

    New Sonex High Wing Design

    Just based on observations but; Do they really need dihedral on a high wing? All the junction work to get that little bend add a surprising amount of weight to the spar. Bede got away without dihedral, although to be honest, the wing does dihedral in flight... If you look at the Tailwind video...
  5. pylon500

    replica's other than p-51 p-40

    I guess that would be the Granville Brothers answer to the Boeing P26 🤣 As for scaling the GeeBee down, I find you get into a situation where the wing loading starts to go back up, and the aircraft start to become nasty little things like the WAR replica's. Sometimes small isn't the answer, and...
  6. pylon500

    replica's other than p-51 p-40

    Looks like a lot of work went into building that, I think the roughness adds a little realism, but looking at that wing section I'd fly it with a lot of caution...
  7. pylon500

    replica's other than p-51 p-40

    Hey there OK, I know that feeling and pretty much in the same boat:confused: I too had tired of all the Mustangs and Spitfires, and looking at the Rotec motors, started drawings for a 75% Harvard, which I toyed with being able to switch over to some 'Zero' bits, as was done in Tora Tora Tora. I...
  8. pylon500

    Polliwagen Kit

    Watched the German video (don't speak it though), but that looked like a Jabiru dipstick he was looking at, 3300 maybe? Rotax 912uls or 914 would work as well...
  9. pylon500

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    "What did you do today?" "I got this far Sir..."
  10. pylon500

    Is a half Subaru possible?

    If anybody really thought about it, the best way to do a 'Half Subaru', would be to find an ER-27 (2.7 litre flat 6, Subaru Vortex) and turn in into an inline triple, 1350cc, and as the water system is divided to each side, it's not real hard to modify. Might need a new crankshaft, but at least...
  11. pylon500

    Van's announces highwing RV-15

    Wasn't there a guy named Murphy doing this sort of thing?
  12. pylon500

    Van's announces highwing RV-15

    I think you may be thinking of one of Ole's earlier designs called the Wasp; Which was designed more for the training market, rather than a STOL plane. It needed a little more development, but fell to the wayside (only five were built) under the number of orders for the Hornet STOL series; And...
  13. pylon500

    The End of the Rotax 582 UL

    Unfortunately I don't see Rotax introducing a 50~60hp four stroke for the price of a 582... It's odd that they are discontinuing the (aviation)582 as they still make an assortment of two stroke snowmobile engines 🤔 Maybe Yamaha could look at adapting some 500cc four stroke triple?
  14. pylon500

    OnShape Sheet Metal Ribs

    As an old school (hit it with a bigger hammer) sheet metal worker, when making curved rib flanges, every extra sixteenth of an inch you make it wider, the more effort is required to shape it nicely. You're saying 3/4", but could you get away with 5/8"? A lot depends on alloy type and thickness...
  15. pylon500

    First ideas for a mash-up homebuilt.

    On paper, it's going to look a little 'guppy', but all those shapes / moments / areas look about right. As for 'fine tuning' the layout, you may save a little frontal area if you can pick a 'waistline' (like just below the canopy line), and then cant the lower sides in a little, probably only...
  16. pylon500

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Started riveting ribs to centre section spar.
  17. pylon500

    First ideas for a mash-up homebuilt.

    That's probably a good 'Rule of Thumb', but more importantly is, if it doesn't come back up, it's time to drag out the W&B chart... This sounds good in theory, but doesn't consider the change in handling quality should you suffer an engine failure. In that position, you are going to be busy...
  18. pylon500

    First ideas for a mash-up homebuilt.

    Probably should try to superimpose a human figure of correct scale (like the Russian drawing), as TiPi suggests, you pilot position looks a little too forward, or or pilot assumed to be a little too small?
  19. pylon500

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Made a start on riveting the first centre section spar... I'm wearing ear buds.
  20. pylon500

    Best video for making wooden forms to bend ribs?

    Actually, I rushed the rib block process a little with that project, and then realised a lot of the flutes occurred where I wanted to put rivets, once I had determined a good pitch for them. :oops: Having a tapered wing with parallel skin stringers took a bit of fudging, but once I figured...