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  1. Hot Wings

    The rise of FrankenEngine - An engine for the VP-21

    A bit of background: A little more than a decade ago I decided I needed an engine for my Quickie project because the Onan was no longer available. I built a ½ VW with the intention of using that. Ultimately I decided that it wasn’t a good choice. This lead to thinking about building an engine...
  2. Hot Wings

    Page 59 - or we really need a VaporWare category

    Page 59 from the current KitPlanes. Website even has the obligatory "investors tab" Patent
  3. Hot Wings

    Cookie Crash

    I've had to clear my HBA cookies twice today. I didn't pay any attention to exactly what cookie was causing the problem, but both times a few moments after the cookie was set a click on any link - from any starting point - resulted in a totally blank page. Just wondering...
  4. Hot Wings

    Aeronca Chief for sale

    Not mine - belongs to my brother that is now short of hangar space. Located at KCPR Casper Wy. Believe it is a '46. Just can't remember - it's been around 40 years since I helped my brother restore it the first time. When I asked him for details this was his response: "Was asking 17k. Less...
  5. Hot Wings

    Wainfan Facetmobile inspired drone delivery

    This came across my e-mail a few minutes ago:
  6. Hot Wings

    810 Briggs Rabbit Hole - New Head Branch

    Forked off from another industrial engine thread. Decided to take a few hours to see how much potential a new head casting for the 810 B+S engine might open up. The sketches below have all of the essential original B+S parts in their original location (+/_ 1mm or so). The block in the assembly...
  7. Hot Wings

    Upgraded aircraft design "software"

    Just upgraded my old school calculating device with one capable of greater precision/resolution. 🤔 Just couldn't pass it up for $9 and a 3 minute drive.
  8. Hot Wings

    Another Solidworks question - Prints/Drawings

    Tired a Google and looked on YouTube but can't seem to get the right search parameters. I've got a set of ribs for a tapered wing that I'd like to print out on a single sheet. But I haven't found an easy way to overlay the parts on the sheet in an orderly manner - other than by eye. In my 2D...
  9. Hot Wings

    Whiffle tree question

    I'd like to set up a Whiffle tree but I'm having a hard time visualizing just how to do it. My problem is that the structure I'd like to test isn't flat and I'd like all of the final loads to be normal to the surface - as they will be in the real world. The picture below is kind of the opposite...
  10. Hot Wings

    Scratch resistant plexiglass?

    This came across my e-mail this morning and it looks like it - might - have an application in our world as a scratch resistant coating for plexiglass? They want my Ph# to download a spec sheet - so I don't have any more information than is on their web site. Abrasion resistant clear nanosilica...
  11. Hot Wings

    Solidworks: Aircraft load history for fatigue simulation?

    I've been looking for a source of load history graphs to use with SW's fatigue simulation for both flight loads and pilot input loads. I'm presuming that such exist so that the fatigue life can be more accurately modeled than simply using the SW's constant amplitude method? Any other advice...
  12. Hot Wings

    Basic Woodworking Book for New Builders?

    Is there a basic woodworking book similar to Rutan's Moldless Composite Sandwich Aircraft Construction, which was included as a separate chapter in the Quickie construction manual, that would be a good recommendation for someone building a wood airplane for the first time? I'm looking for...
  13. Hot Wings

    Yahoo groups shutting down

    I got this in my e-mail from one of the Yahoo groups I follow: Looks like there is only a small window of time left to get things transferred to a new group site. I didn't get a notice from Yahoo, as a group owner, that this was...
  14. Hot Wings

    Are dual spark plugs still needed?

    There is a short old 2009 thread about dual ignitions but we can't tack a poll onto an existing thread so: I'd like to get some feed back about just how many think dual ignition is needed for aircraft use and why. Back when the 2009 thread was alive things like Coil On Plug or smart coils...
  15. Hot Wings

    Bellanca 14-13 project

    A friend forwarded this e-mail to me a few moments ago. ================== There is an aircraft fuselage located in the north end of the Aerocare hangar (see attached photos). If this belongs to you, or if you know who it belongs to, please let me know. That hangar is under lease and the...
  16. Hot Wings

    Fauvel AV-36 and 361 project - comment page

    I've started a build log of my project to redraw the original AV-36 plans into CAD. Since our project logs don't allow for comment from HBA members I'm starting this thread as a mate to the build log for this purpose. Link to the project page...
  17. Hot Wings

    Fauvel AV-36 and 361 plans project

    This is not a traditional aircraft build, at least not yet. I have taken on the responsibility for the AV-36 after purchasing Falconair's rights to the design. After receiving the documentation It became apparent the the plans needed some significant updating. The 'master' plans showed their...
  18. Hot Wings

    What do these airfoil ordinates mean?

    I'm trying to wade through this old set of plans and just can't figure out what a few of the numbers represent. I've tried the old circle on a slope at a point for the nose curve and some other odd ideas but I just can't seem to figure this one out. Any ideas about the set of numbers in the...
  19. Hot Wings

    Fauvel AV-36, 361 and 362

    I've taken on the responsibility of preserving and developing this classic flying wing design. I received the documentation a couple of days ago, but have not yet had time to fully examine everything. The original plans are in pretty poor shape but I'm confidant that I can get them into...
  20. Hot Wings

    Blanik L-13 tow release

    Doe anyone have a picture if this tow release mechanism, from the other side? Or a good description of it's mechanism? Or a diagram of a similar glider bridle release? I'd rather not reinvent the wheel. Maybe even a used part off a timed out glider?