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    Jim Bede's Inflatable Wings

    From the looks of these things, the airfoils seem to be pretty precise and should have flown pretty well. Exactly what you would expect from Jim Bede
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    Maybe the best UL wing design ?

    The Nomad and Honcho ultralights by DSK aircraft benefited from their relationship with Volmer Jensen and they also were selling a Sailplane that I dont remember the name of. They used spars that were built up from aluminum tubes that appeared to be highly engineered more so than any other UL...
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    Most useful specialty computer programs etc.

    If you are moving and copying thousands of files and folders for organization among different logical drives etc there is a File Manager more powerful than what comes with Windows called TERACOPY. ---------- When I am searching for a part of a file name in any part of the hard drive because...
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    Simple introductory 2D CAD or drawing program with dimensions

    I initially spent some time with SketchUp and realized it was more show than serious work for simple 2D construction drawings that I wanted and so I googled CAD 2D and wasted many more hours downloading many more programs so I thought I would ask here if there are any favorites that dont...
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    Herbert Beaujon- My all time hero !

    Home or this specific page Tubing Connections I was bouncing around the internet and was happy to find a website that is sharing his work. He wasnt the most accomplished engineer ( was a real estate agent ) but he had the best imagination and was willing to put ideas on paper far...
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    USA FAR103 Seaplane Riddle

    FAR 103 Seaplane Riddle What is the best overall design approach for the best performing plane meeting the legal minimums ? FAR 103 Seaplane Riddle BE SURE AND CLIK ON THE PHOTO GALLERY PRECEDING THIS LINE I have a new idea.... Bottom only wings that are watertight and serve as floats...
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    The lack of portability ( hi hangar costs ) killed ULs imop

    In all the urban area concentrations of the population, a year of hangar costs began to exceed the market value of most ultralights and folding wings allowing storage in portable hangars (trailers) could have solved the problem but not enough UL mfgrs stepped up to provide the solution. That...
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    Most impressive use of composites in Ultralights

    To me all of the ultralights using composites were astonishing but perhaps the best were the most recent designs reflecting the advancement of the art. That being the composite work done by BeLite and the ZJ Vierra. Other unforgettable amazing designs using some composites were the XTC, (...
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    Mark Stull - outside the box designer I dont know anything about his designs other than I was impressed by his creativity and thinking outside the box approaches to design etc and felt that it would be a real waste if all his efforts and designs were forgotten l I am not even sure which...
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    The existential flying question

    Do you as a pilot want to be able to land on the runway without damage if you have an engine out anywhere in the traffic pattern? If yes, what does the pattern look like and what is the routine from any place in the pattern ? I am of the opinion that what is being taught by the FAA is dumbed...
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    Guidelines for placement of yarn strips on wing for airflow/stall study ?

    I am helping a buddy with a newly built low wing Rans RV9 that stalls about 70 mph. I want to tape some yarn strips on top of the wing so that we can observe stall progression and development as well as Best L/D AOA flying etc. I was going to tape them all in a straight line but then...
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    How do you upload photos with messages ?

    Without the easy sharing of photos, the value of this website is diminished greatly !
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    Suggestions for translation of French instructions to English ?

    OCR ? Word Processor formats ? Google Translate ? Human Effort ? Move to France ?
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    Need 3D CAD Help with UL seaplane hull bulkheads

    Take a look at this French HydroPlum seaplane. The plans only contain drawings of the bulkheads which may be scaled but they do not provide for any dimensions or off-sets etc. I cannot build if I cannot create accurate templates for the bulkheads etc...
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    Dormoy Bathtub photo gallery This plane won the mileage trophy at the 1924 races with 40 miles per gallon.