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  1. Matt G.

    Schempp-Hirth SH-1 Restoration

    By request of another member, here is my "restoration log" or something along those lines from when I refinished my 1965 Schempp-Hirth SH-1 back in 2012-2013. Part 1: Wings and Tails Part 2: Fuselage By 2018 I got tired of rigging out of the nearly 40 year old wooden trailer it came with and...
  2. Matt G.

    Multiple ground connections in radio connector

    I'm helping a guy in our glider club install a Becker 4201 radio in his glider, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to connect all the grounds inside of the radio connector. I've attached a poorly-drawn schematic with a few items left out for clarity. Basically, I'm needing to run two...
  3. Matt G.

    FEM Analysis - LISA

    I figured in light of recent discussion on this forum that it might be a good idea for me to share a recent FEM project that others may be able to use as a learning experience. I put this in Hangar Flying since this is for a new glider trailer I'm designing and eventually building for my glider...
  4. Matt G.

    Stabilators, all-flying stabilizers, etc.

    Continuing discussion of stabilators/all-flying stabilizers from the "Elevator protruding at large deflection" thread. Perhaps a moderator can move the other similar posts here? :) Not practical. A mod like that would require a bunch of paperwork and a signoff by an A&P IA. I just...
  5. Matt G.

    Incorrect user profile linking

    It seems that when I click on my profile, I'm taken to the profile of 'MattG' (a spambot, I think) instead of my own ('Matt G.'). Obviously I'd much rather have people wind up at my profile when they click on my username instead of someone else's. Can something be done about this?
  6. Matt G.

    Funny textbook annotations

    The copy of Airplane Performance, Stability and Control (Perkins and Hage) that I bought on eBay has numerous handwritten annotations from the original owner (who happens to be the late Elliott G. Reid, NACA researcher and Stanford University professor). Most of them are quite helpful, and some...
  7. Matt G.

    Vertical stabilizer efficiency

    When calculating rudder control power using the equation (from Perkins and Hage) CNδr = -av(τ)(Sv/Sw)(lv/b)ηv Where av is the vertical tail lift curve slope, τ is the rudder effectiveness parameter, Sv and Sw are the vertical tail area and wing area, respectively, lv is the longitudinal...
  8. Matt G.

    Neutral Point shift due to propeller effects

    Neither Performance, Stability, Dynamics, and Control of Airplanes (Pamadi) nor Airplane Design Part 7: Determination of Stability, Control, and Performance Characteristics (Roskam), nor Perkins and Hage [The three stability and control-related books that I own) seem to have much of any useful...
  9. Matt G.

    Scaled-down T-28

    I guess it's finally time for me to start a thread for this thing. I thought I'd keep it more under wraps until this project became more well-defined, but after spending the better part of a day reading various threads on here to learn useful things, I now think it might be better to get input...
  10. Matt G.

    Hello from Kansas

    Hello everyone! I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks now, and I finally decided to join. By day I am an aircraft structural analysis engineer; I obtained my Private Pilot's license when I was 17, and I'm in the process of obtaining my glider rating. I've recently started designing a...