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    Trailer Design - Resources?

    The trailer weights, dimensions, brake requirements, etc are federal laws not state laws.
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    No because then all the good deals will be in the middle or other side of the country.
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    Spitfire MK IX 1/7 scale (wolf hunter) Top Flight Kit.

    I highly doubt that the plans will have the layout of all of the formers needed to build it. They were in the business of selling kits not plans for scratch built.
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    Geshwender PSRU Business

    Twin engine inboard boats always used a reverse turning engine. Those engines are under constant load at high power settings just like aircraft engines.
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    WWII replica plans available in 2021?

    I think a full scale p39/63 would be awesome. At full scale it's still about the same size as a cub. The engine, drive shaft, and psru would be interesting to figure out but that is what experimental is all about.
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    Parts Wanted Plans for ch601 hd/hds wanted

    Have you tried getting them from zenith? At least a month ago they still had them in their web store.
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    God Save the Queen! And the Apron Airplane

    Is the pa28 possibly for sale? I have been looking for one for a time builder.
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    God Save the Queen! And the Apron Airplane

    I want to see pictures of that
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    God Save the Queen! And the Apron Airplane

    Agreed. Sounds a little sketchy. No need to remove it. Unfortunately without the data plate it will never be legally airworthy again.
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    God Save the Queen! And the Apron Airplane

    I am in exactly the same position.
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    God Save the Queen! And the Apron Airplane

    The other problem seems to be if you can talk them into selling the airplane they want a fortune for it because of what airworthy planes are going for. There is a 175 sitting on the ramp here that hasn't flown in at least 5 years and needs a top end overhaul. He said " I will sell it for...
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    God Save the Queen! And the Apron Airplane

    When I was growing up there was a Musketeer you could see from the road parked in barn on the way to my aunts house. After about 10 years of seeing the dust and dirt get thicker and heavier on it I stopped and asked about it. I got the story that they were going to get it out and get it flying...
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    Ebay Today

    There are a ton of them. There is a cherokee 180 and a cessna 175 that are sitting on the ramp at the airport I work at. Owners have both lost their medical but they won't sell them. They will just end up in probate when the owners pass away but by then they will be worth nothing more than...
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    Ebay Today

    The plane is in Connecticut and I'm in south Florida. Not a lot of transporters that know what they are doing with airplanes are running around the east coast right now. I would probably take the chance on it if I could get it transported a lot cheaper.
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    Ebay Today

    I spoke with the owner about the plane. It has been out of annual since 2005 and has been stored outside the entire time. Didn't give me warm fuzzy feelings about engine condition and probability of corrosion in the spar carry thru. It would also cost about $12,500 to get the wings pulled and...
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    Aircraft Movers

    I just got a quote to move a 172 from CT to FL. $12500
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    No bill of sale

    That has already been done.
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    No bill of sale

    That is exactly why I am staying as far away from it as I can.
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    No bill of sale

    Thanks everyone for the input. I dug a little more into it and found the owner had passed away and everything is held up right now as there are a couple family members fighting for the aircraft but the hangar rent is being paid and is up to date. I asked the airport authority if they had any...
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    No bill of sale

    Supposedly the airport has permission from the court but they are still saying no bill of sale.