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  1. MolsonB

    Canada - Journey book - Annual Maintenance record

    For my Canadian amature homebuilt, the annual maintenance record go in the Journey book, correct? I have the initial comment during building, "This aircraft will be maintained in compliance with CAR 625, Appendices B&C" in there. I saw on MD-RA site it says all technical records for airframe...
  2. MolsonB

    Exhaust within subcowl

    I'm just in the process of building a teardrop subcowl for under the plane. My oil & coolant rad outlets will be dumped into the subcowl, so they can be streamlined and spit out the back. Along with it, the exhaust will flow through there. My idea is to add louvers when the exhaust pipe enters...
  3. MolsonB

    Neil Unger's PSRU -> running

    I installed Neil Unger's PSRU ( 3.17 gears Ground testing, everything seems to be going well. Will do my flight tests in early spring.
  4. MolsonB

    HF antenna design

    When building my wings, we routed a copper wire in the bottom skin as an "S" pattern. (Over 30ft) each wing. At the time, the one person recommended doing this as I want to fly over Carribean waters in the future and said I need HF. I have the two wires coming into my tunnel now and I'm...
  5. MolsonB

    A/V shelf & Dash layout

    Starting my A/V shelf. Nothing much to see yet, just planning it out. Will update as I go on. Starting from the left 2 x Trig TY91 Com radios stacked above each other. PS Eng PS-PAC15EX remote audio panel GRT adaptive AHRS <big blank spot in the middle for future devices> VPX power...
  6. MolsonB

    Schematic - Distribution

    I'm starting my wiring schematics and wondering what you guys think so far. It's pretty basic, but starting with automatic redundancy built in. Fail-over without human intervention. My setup is dual batteries, single alternator and fully EFI engine (Mazda Rx8). There is talk of adding a...
  7. MolsonB

    Electronic fuel 3-way valves

    Hi, I'm looking to simplify my fueling system during my design phase. I'll have an auto engine with 4 fuel tanks in wings (supply and return lines for each tank). Trying to fit 8 hoses (4 tanks x supply and return) to a manual fuel selector isn't out there. The closest thing would be Groco...
  8. MolsonB

    Designing new Aviation ECU

    Hi Homebuilders... In my conquest to build my first airplane, RAI-1 XR “Tango XR”, | Revolution Aviation Inc., why not go all out and build your own engine (Rx8) and ECU. This thread will be the R&D of an ECU designed for the aviation rotary. We honestly don't have many options out there...
  9. MolsonB

    RX8 Engine build

    After a few months of research and preping, I'm start to build the block of the engine this weekend. Came out of an 2008 automatic with 108k (km). Iron plates have been lapped and re-nitrided by Chips Motorsports Brand new rotor housings with p-ports welded in by Cimarron Overhaul kit...
  10. MolsonB

    Tracy's 2.85:1 PSRU and EC3

    This is a long shot, but looking for Tracy's Crook PSRU (2.85:1) and his EC3. -Matt