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    Unlimited/sport class racer design speculation

    At the design level, Ive been trying to find more info on the Nemesis DR90 design. Has anyone got copies of old Sport Aviation mags they could scan? DECEMBER 1993 Pg 40 A Closer Look at Nemesis/Jack Cox AUGUST 1997 Pg 75 Fluid Dynamics Analysis Nemesis and Shadow-David Lednicer The titles...
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    Semi and direct injected 2 stroke engines

    I've been looking around the web but cant find it... Anyone know the weight of the 600 sdi or 600 etec engines?
  3. hs1 front

    hs1 front

  4. 120121 cp

    120121 cp

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    Structural Foam Suppliers in Australia

    Hi All, Latest search for extruded polystyrene foam suppliers in Melbourne area: For nominal 2.4 x .6 m and 100mm thick: COMPANY TEL PRODUCT PRICE Aus-styrene 9687 7500 Isoboard $64 (75mm thick) Styrapak 9308 8455 $190...
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    Human Powered Aircraft - Olympic sport?

    Just saw an article about a US guy who built an HPA for his son, and want to compete in the Kremer competition. They are up against a team from Southhampton Uni, Uk. Its as a demo joined to the UK Olympics and they are trying to gain coverage as an Olympic sport! Cool.
  7. Funflyer


    lightweight & fast
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    Radial engine??

    Check out the Valach range of motors VALACHMOTORS 7 & 9 cylinder radials from 28 - 60hp?! Wow!
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    Cafe - Pipistrel G4

    Hi Guys, just spent the last few days at the CAFE challenge. A few pictures about the aircraft: Vortilons - on fuse near wing interesection to help with separation(stickers were put on only after the race!) Flap - they said it was slotted. I think more due to the fact that they took the flap...
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    Low HP Variable Pitch Propeller

    Thanks! Duc looks interesting. Cant bring myself to "bend" the prop as in IVOPROP. For me it shouts of imprecision (even tho its sure that other normal fixed pitch props bend in flight..). Regards, Matt
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    Low HP Variable Pitch Propeller

    Hi All, Im looking for alternatives for a variable pitch prop for low horsepower engine (40 - 65 hp). Anyone have any good suggestions? What Ive found so far: Neuform - for CT Air-contact - since dissapeared as has Kiev... Or just the hub? Thanks! Matthew
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    Using R/C engines in experimental aircraft

    Hi Guys, ok so its not quite an RC engine but UAV designed by 3W. 546cc and 40hp and 16kg.. :shock: Just got it so still havent started it up and will let you know how it goes!
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    Radial engine

    Hi guys, Apart from the Rotec radial check out the guys at Valach Motors. 45hp, 28kg 7cyl 800cc and reasonable price they also have a 420cc. Someone on AIRPIGZ suggested a Ford Trimotor...! Dont design another motor, just design a supercharger to stick on it please!!
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    CriCri MC-15 in NZ

    HI Shannon, nice work. A quick question about 1 of your older posts. What size are the tires and do you have any specs on weight complete with hubs ? Any comments from other CriCri owners about use on Grass runways? Cheers Matthew
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    Anyone going to the Reno Air Races

    Hi Guys, wish I could join you there but... Water cooling (eveaporative) - most all unlimiteds use ADI and a couple use boil off cooling for 0 cooling drag. Check "Peter Law filetype:pdf" in google, who has designed numerous cooling systems for successful racers. I understood that the...