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  1. Matt G.

    An example Kohler

    Most likely. Stock carb is a single barrel downdraft Keihin (sp).
  2. Matt G.

    More problems for the "B Team" from ST. Louis

    -900/-900ER, -9, and -10 have them. Not sure about the shorter variants. Keep in mind the -10 is nearly twice the length of the original 737-100, and there are quite a few other transport-size planes that will do this if loaded or unloaded improperly. The company certainly has its issues at...
  3. Matt G.

    Schempp-Hirth SH-1 Restoration

    By request of another member, here is my "restoration log" or something along those lines from when I refinished my 1965 Schempp-Hirth SH-1 back in 2012-2013. Part 1: Wings and Tails Part 2: Fuselage By 2018 I got tired of rigging out of the nearly 40 year old wooden trailer it came with and...
  4. Matt G.

    Trailer Design - Resources?

    Topaz- Yesterday when I rigged my glider I took a few pictures of the wing root attachments, ramp, and fuselage dolly. Hope this helps. One of the people that helped me rig it also had a GoPro set up and captured the whole assembly process. If I can get ahold of that, I'll either send it to...
  5. Matt G.

    Trailer Design - Resources?

    This design was chosen for my trailer because the dollies are captive in the trailer. They cannot roll out the end (stops not yet installed in this photo) and cannot tip out the side, either. Topaz- My trailer weighs around 1450 lbs, the glider weighs about 540 lbs if I remember right. I...
  6. Matt G.

    Trailer Design - Resources?

    Thoughts on a few of your thoughts: I spent a LOT of time researching wing dollies, talking to various people, etc. and ended up using a modified version of a design from a friend's Zuni trailer. Out of all of the glider trailers he has had, he said they were the best design. They are captive...
  7. Matt G.

    Trailer Design - Resources?

    A few random thoughts here reading Topaz's responses and some of the other replies... -If I did it again, I'd make a "tube" trailer instead of a clamshell. Yeah, it looks a lot cooler, but a LOT of engineering went into making the clamshell top work correctly, and it'd be a lot easier to seal...
  8. Matt G.

    Trailer Design - Resources?

    In 2018 I built a new trailer for my glider from scratch. A guy named Luebke made plans for homebuilt glider trailers (he is now deceased; I am unsure of current availability of his plans), and I acquired a partial set of his plans and loosely based mine on them. IMO, his design was not strong...
  9. Matt G.

    New Sonex High Wing Design

    Taildragger version sure looks like a metal Wittman Tailwind, at least from that angle. Edit: I type slowly, apparently...
  10. Matt G.

    An I-beam for a tail?

    I-beams and other open sections have poor torsional stiffness compared to a tube. So, all else remaining constant, an I-beam used for a tail boom will be considerably heavier than a tube, as it will require more material or bracing to obtain the required stiffness.
  11. Matt G.

    Wing Load Test Failure Aluminum Dragon

    Is anything restraining the spar cap laterally, i.e. the skin? Doesn't look like the skin around it has deformed with it. I am kind of in and out here these days and haven't followed every step of your build, so I apologize if these are ignorant questions. Looks like the spar cap is layers of...
  12. Matt G.

    This how airbus wings attach to fuselage

    Holes for an interference fit bolt still have a tolerance on the hole diameter, i.e. max/min hole diameter for that particular class of fit.
  13. Matt G.

    High Quality Metric Fasteners

    Edit: Nevermind...other posts that showed up when I refreshed the page answered it better.
  14. Matt G.

    High Quality Metric Fasteners

    I was able to find some somewhat odd 6mm bolts and nuts here for my German sailplane:
  15. Matt G.

    aluminum rivets

    Instead of trying to use the wrong strength rivet for your application, "B" rivets (5056 alloy) would likely give you a lot better results.
  16. Matt G.

    Presurization - Whats it take ?

    5 ksi on top of what is already there could be, especially with how much of the area of a GA airplane fuselage is covered in windows and doors. Also, a non-round fuselage will need a lot more substantial frames, as the fuselage will want to turn into a round cross section with the application of...
  17. Matt G.

    Presurization - Whats it take ?

    Correct. There are typically layers of conservatism built into the fatigue analysis- assume lifetime for a given structural configuration is in the bottom few percent of all of the data points for the test- or fleet-based derivation of that lifetime, then the entire airplane is analyzed for two...
  18. Matt G.

    Presurization - Whats it take ?

    If the inspection interval and methods are sufficient to detect the cracks prior to them reaching critical length, yes. A 'fail-safe' design would probably be a good the structure with redundant critical load paths, and ensure limit load capability with a failed structural...
  19. Matt G.

    Presurization - Whats it take ?

    This doesn't really make the analysis any easier, it just shifts the difficulty to another skill set. A well-designed composite structure will generally be good for fatigue if it is good for ultimate, but now, the ultimate analysis is as complex as the fatigue analysis of a metallic fuselage...