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    Airplane Designer Software (Work in Progress)

    Hi everyone, I'm learning Grasshopper for Rhino, it's a procedural modeling add-on (free!). As my first project, I'm developing an airplane design software for my model planes but I'm also setting it up to be useful for full-scale builders and designers as well. Right now all I have is a...
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    An airplane that can fly itself (Autonomous Vehicle)

    Check this out. Diamond is developing a system whereby a user can input a distress code and the aircraft will find where it is and fly itself to a nearby airport. Ok, I already know the first comments, so I'll get them out of the way: 1) It's...
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    Building a flight model, need some help with ailerons

    Hey guys, I'm building a simulator game and I need some help with ailerons (well, all control surfaces really). Are there any simplified equations whereby given the area of a wing (in this case the section of the wing), the amount of aileron deflection is related to the increase in the wing's...
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    Crash footage from the Stargazer jet crash

    I heard about this awhile but here's some interesting footage, some from the cockpit and on the side of the aircraft during the crash. Truly compelling stuff:
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    Lilium - Point to point small air transport reinvigorated? Holy cow. This isn't CG, and it looks like it's to scale (but I don't see an interior). What does everyone think? I'm super excited. It looks legit - battery technology, I don't know. Gas, you could make it work - hydrogen too? But no one would want to fly in that - I bet...