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    NASA open source design sofware.

    You paid for it.
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    777x,uncomanded nose up
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    Rocking cradle copy lathe

    Here is a lathe that was built to turn a complex non round object from wood. Also including a pictures of wood from a local saw mill,1x5x12' clear white spruce,$1.20 a bd/ft. The design of the lathe might be of interest to someone interested in building a prop carving machine and the picture of...
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    Semi- Solid Casting

    I came across this and it looks like it will have direct impact on aviation engines. The article goes into some engineering detail and I would be greatfull for any thoughts on this anyone might have.
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    Proves the point

    Time to Climb record goes to a rotory.
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    The Hundred Rules of Homebuilding

    One: It always weighs more than you hope for. Two: It always takes longer to build than you hope for. Three:It always costs more than you hope for. Four:Repeat one hundred times so you dont forget.
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    Prop pitch measurement, pitch=2 π r tan a

    The prop that came with my project has the pitch marked on it as 00. Senenich M76AK cut to 68 and 9/16 measured the angle at a radius of 25.68" and got 15 and a half degrees pluged that into the formula found on the interweb,which is p=2πrtana and got 44.7 Does anyone recognise this formula or...
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    Glad to find this forum. Lurked before signing up. Will probably limit my partisipation to asking for details and references, making human spell checkers brains explode is an unfortunate side effect of my useing text based comunication,I will endevor to apologise regularly,as I know from past...