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    Chinese v-twin diesel.

    Whilst doing the rounds on Alibaba, as you do. I came across the hercules dv210 diesel v-twin. It's weight for what it's worth is quoted at 85kg. And having had a quick chat with the merchant, apparently they are working on a 60 kilowatt version of the engine. All in all I believe that this...
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    Verhees delta d2

    Dear all, For your collective viewing pleasure. Here is a clip of the for Verhees Delta D2, being unfolded for flight.
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    Rutan Ski-gull

    Here is a interesting video on Burt Rutan, and his latest project. Burt Rutan - "Struggles of a retiring airplane designer" - YouTube After watching this video I was able to disseminate the following features. Twin 70 hp engines. Long-ez type construction, ie The availably to build from...