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    What do you say...?

    You're having a water fountain conversation with a co-worker who knows you're a pilot and asks if you fly a Cessna or something like that. "Well, I fly an RV-6, which is an airplane I built." "Is that like a kit car?" Um...
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    Carb (?) Problem

    I've been battling a problem for 6 months and have exhausted virtually every idea/fix that has been offered, with no resolution. I have an O-320 D2J with a Marvel Schebler MA-4SPA carb. It ran fine for 19 years, but was beginning to show play in the throttle shaft, so I traded the old carb for...
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    Engine for Stewart Headwind?

    What's the appropriate engine for a Headwind? Personally, I'd be looking for something to spin a bigger prop slower. 40-50 hp at 2500 RPM should do it. Is there a recipe for that other than an A-65 (which is a little too much engine for the Headwind) or a Lycoming O-145 which also seems like...
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    Human Powered Flight

    I realize the Kremer prize was awarded 45 years ago, but is anyone currently pursuing human powered aircraft? Are there structural applications where carbon fiber could result in significant weight savings over the Aluminum tube/foam/mylar aircraft MacCready designed and built? I'm still...
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    Walter Engines

    Another thread piqued my interest. Walter engines: The Minor, the Micron. Are they still in production and is there a US distributor? I haven't seen them represented at SnF or Osh in several years, and even when they were represented, it always seemed like they were "about" to have engines...
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    Chroming Parts

    The RV-10 has 4 unique hinges for the doors. They are plain 'ol steel and are partially exposed to the elements. I'm tempted to have them chrome plated to avoid the chipping/rust that (I think) would happen due to the relative motion of the hinge halves if I painted the hinges. On the other...
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    It's Only Money

    I'm at the point on my current project where "It's only money". One more $60 hose, a $80 cable, maybe $40 in hardware, write a check to the painter. And have Amazon send another $20 in sandpaper and a $40 roll of masking paper. The only mystery is whether the total of the shipping costs on...
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    Over Sensitive Rudder

    I was reading the flight review of the BD-4 in the latest kitplanes and the article indicated (in more words than I'm using here) that the rudder was overly sensitive. How do you correct something like that?
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    I got The Deal!

    On Saturday, I ordered about $400 in oil, filters, camguard, etc and drove down to Aircraft Spruce East to pick it up. While I was waiting, I surveyed their "scratch and dent" section and did pretty well for myself. From the scratch and dent section, I bought 3 "gallon" jugs of Phillips...
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    The Best Laid Plans...

    Today was supposed to be a big day. I was to receive a new car's worth of avionics. Since I couldn't be home to sign for the shipment, I asked the dealer to ship the box 'o extremely valuable electronics to the nearest Fedex Location, where I would be glad to pick the items up and sign for...
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    Headwind Forum?

    Did anyone attend the Headwind Forum? Can you share any tidbits? Thanks!
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    How to Complicate your Painting Task

    Help me come up with any other complicating factors I could have added when painting the interior of my RV-10 project today. I'm not sure I could have created a more challenging set of circumstances. In no particular order: 1) Painting outside under a tree. (Trees leak, um, stuff. They also...
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    Interesting Tool Fail

    I've had two Dremel tools die on me during my RV-10 project. Apparently a tool more or less designed to create dust doesn't handle dust very well. Anyway, when the second one died, I ordered a Wen brand Dremel knock-off through Amazon. Last night I was using it (with a sanding drum attachment)...
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    Formula One Engines

    Does anyone have insight into how the O-200's in Formula One are prepared? I'm curious about how they prevent the engines from grenading at the high RPM they run? I know they balance all of the components and assemble the engines with tight tolerances, but <for instance> how do they prevent...
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    The Oh-NO! Second...

    It occurs when you're driving down the road pulling a trailer loaded with airplane parts and realize that you didn't insert the pin that locks the trailer tongue to the hitch. Instead, you remember you got distracted, set the pin on the truck bumper and...
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    Looking for 0.010 Stainless Sheet

    I'm looking for a 3'x3' (or thereabouts) piece of 0.010 stainless to use on the belly of an aircraft. Any supplier suggestions? Aircraft Spruce doesn't carry it that thin, and the places which do apparently only sell it in small pieces.
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    1/4" Drive Torque Wrench

    Can someone recommend an accurate 1/4" drive click type torque wrench that isn't a budget buster? I know Harbor Freight is crap and Snap-On is the gold standard, but I'm looking for something priced in-between that remains accurate.
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    Fuel Pressure Issue

    This is a bright bunch, so I'll ask for help troubleshooting a problem I'm experiencing with my carbureted, O-320 powered RV-6. Last Saturday as I was taxiing out for a flight, the GRT EIS master warning light came on. The digital readout indicated low fuel pressure (in the range of 0 PSI). I...
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    Measuring Tiny Quantities of Paint

    I need to touch up some epoxy primer on a wingtip bow. We're talking maybe 10 square inches of surface. I'd like to use my airbrush on this. The question is how to accurately measure the small quantities of the two liquids? A pipette is probably the way to go, but I don't have one. I do...
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    High Time Crankshaft

    Assuming a Lycoming crank has been gently cared for over its life - no acro, no prop strikes, yada yada yada, at what point does one look at the logbooks and say "Whoa, that's a lot of hours, maybe I replace this crank at overhaul, regardless of condition." Or, being a steel part, are hours...