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  1. Battler Britton

    for Iron Man and Rocketeer fans

    Yves Rossi...JetMan.. recently, did a big improuvment with his concept! take off and land from the ground don't remember him?
  2. Battler Britton

    a question about big flaps or Fowlers on a biplane

    Is there anybody , here , who could help me about this? We all see low wing, high wing...midle wing with flaps but, I never saw any multi plan with flaps Is there possibly trouble, maybe like wing interference, or something with pitching moment..? Do you know an example of a flaped ..or...
  3. Battler Britton

    Pou du ciel, Fleas pictures, stories and all other small things about.

    hi, afficionados, I try this new thread because it coulb be usefull to do that, from France, because, I love fleas (not only!) because I know there is a slitgt interest growing around the world.....because, I will be 60 this summer and it is time to transmit what it is still possible for the...
  4. Battler Britton

    for sale Jurca P40 3/4
  5. Battler Britton

    Today's pictures...

    Why don't try to share pictures we could catch , sometimes around our airfield.... here is La Férté Allais, France a few days before annual airshow. Airplanes are going to arrive over the week. First one special and quite rare is this one: Matthew... and other experts, do you reconise this...
  6. Battler Britton

    aviation history, or just nice aviation related stories

    As per the title, I try a new tread. Tell me if it is relevant or not, and I could edit and delete! This tread, because we all have nice stories , or we knows some. Always about small aircraft, homebuilt or wich could be inspiration. about great men and women, exeptional trip..adenture..pilot...
  7. Battler Britton

    "today technology" for old engine

    New casting for Renault 4PO5 ... Published on December 11, 2016 by François Besse and , of course: New cranks of modern technology for Renault 4PO5 to restore engine power to the Stampe SV-4. Co-owners of a Stampe (F-BCQB)...
  8. Battler Britton

    musée de l'air..Paris, it is your's!

    Renovations to the Museum of Air and Space Published May 26, 2016 by François Besse T1 Until 2018, the Museum of Air and Space (Le Bourget) will continue its renovation. Article amended May 26 at 18:20 Inaugurated in 1919 after its creation by Albert Caquot...
  9. Battler Britton


    here is what I find in a hangar next to my work. abandonned, strange wing construction, but interesting simple fuselage design
  10. Battler Britton

    Spitfire goes 80

    Les 80 ans du Spitfire The 80th anniversary of the Spitfire 80 years of the Spitfire Published March 5, 2016 by François Besse 0 Comments Spit1 80 candles for the British fighter elliptical wing. The English are "airminded". Several events will take place this March 5 in Britain to...
  11. Battler Britton

    GARMIN AERA 660....What do you think?

    New Garmin product, for me at least . what do you think about this product? Thank you
  12. Battler Britton

    Vintage looking racer, diesel engine , discussion thread

    Hi guys, back on the discussion. I opened this week a built log that will go slowly , sorry, to , I hope , the completion of my little bird. As built log not allow answers, I open this thread because I like your comment, maybe, I will need them! ;)...
  13. Battler Britton

    Vintage looking racer, diesel engine

    Hello guys, I jump in the arena... Iam going to try to post some info about my small toy Please be kind, I am french and not fluent in english. Also, I am not any kind of expert, so this project will be "one off" and I am not here to teach any thing to any body! Just the pleasure to create and...
  14. Battler Britton

    The most powerfull hybrid engine

    If you can't read french (nobody's perfect!!) go to the video at the end of the text Le groupe hybride le plus puissant :)
  15. Battler Britton

    120 AIRSHOW across the world 2016

    USA/UK /EUROPE/WORLD Plus de 120 shows aériens au programme de la saison 2016 - Aerobuzz