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  1. K

    Engine for Stewart Headwind?

    I started the thread. Dilute it all you want, as far as I'm concerned.
  2. K

    Cowling fasteners

    My RV-6 has had 26 screws in the cowl for 20 years. 10 across the top, 10 across the bottom, and 6 in the inlets. Haven't lost one yet. Haven't found one that worked loose yet either.
  3. K

    A/C nail supplier

    Many people use staples and remove the staples after the epoxy has hardened. Many other people completely skip the mechanical fasteners and just use epoxy. But to answer your question, look on Amazon for brass nails (or tacks). You'll probably be able to find something suitable.
  4. K

    Cowling fasteners

    I've used camloc's, hinges, and screws into nutplates. On long, relatively straight sections, I prefer the hinges. On curved sections, I like screws and nutplates. Camloc's are a lot of $$ for something that is less attractive than screws and only saves a little time in the cowl on/cowl off...
  5. K

    Unlimited Air Racing Dead?

    I highlighted the important words. If you wanna go fast in the Unlimited world, you're gonna spend 6 figures on an engine that might last for a season (a week) or two at Reno. And as several have pointed out, a flying (stock) Mustang or Bearcat is pushing a value of $5M. With the risk...
  6. K

    Missing airframe parts, legal to fly?

    In phase 1, I suspect you could remove anything you wanted and give it a try. This expert (or idiot?) wishes you'd take the blamestorming elsewhere. And I do like how you included even more secret squirrel stuff in your note. You have a pattern of withholding information. It is silly.
  7. K

    I watched a C150 Spin in today at KWHP. Impossible turn goes very bad.

    The -152 is just a modification of the 150, which was certified before the part 23 rules went into effect. In essence, it was grandfathered under an older standard. There are no life limits under that older standard. The TCDS is #3A19 for everything from the original 150 through the A-M...
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    I watched a C150 Spin in today at KWHP. Impossible turn goes very bad.

    Please find a legitimate citation for those claims. Specifically the aft spar claim, the spin claim, and the utility category claim. Not “So and so said so.” A legitimate citation with data or examples (in the case of the spar claim). I’ll quickly debunk the one about it not being certified in...
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    I watched a C150 Spin in today at KWHP. Impossible turn goes very bad.

    The airframe is life limited because it was certified under Part 23, which mandates life limits. Yes, there is one 3,000 hour part in the VS (I helped change that fitting on my old Tommy many years ago). The aircraft was designed to spin well and it did. People who were used to Cessna stall/spin...
  10. K

    'We lost a wheel" "Not so good, huh?"

    Axel Olsson didn't handle that emergency nearly as well...
  11. K

    Fraudulent License?

    Tex, is this thread a disguised delve into the crash of your P-51 replica? A yes or no answer is preferred.
  12. K

    Fraudulent License?

    Not my circus. Not my monkey...
  13. K

    Fraudulent License?

    Anyone can log an ADSB installation in an experimental. Or not log it. Doesn't matter. There is no airworthiness issue. If the guy did the work and fraudulently signed it as an A&P, what damages were suffered by the owner?
  14. K

    Fraudulent License?

    Because you post cryptic questions and seldom present the complete picture. Something germane is <almost> always omitted from your initial posts. It is disingenuous and tiresome.
  15. K

    The small Continental thread

    I've got two good 'un's sitting on the shelf.
  16. K

    The small Continental thread

    Choices drive the budget (or vice versa, dunno), but I'd try to go down the O-200 road, given the parts availability of the earlier stuff.
  17. K

    BD4 Performance specs

    I got interested, then not-so interested in the BD-4 a couple of times over the years. The stock airplane is kind of a 2+2 airplane, and none of the owners seem to report the same performance as claimed in the marketing info. I think it is a neat airplane, but the performance numbers are...
  18. K

    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks

    I wish they would get rid of the gingerbread with the lifetime membership. I don't need (or want) a jacket, plaque, pin, or ID card. Get rid of that stuff so I'm not paying for useless clutter with my donation.
  19. K

    Polliwagen Elevator Question

    On my browser, the CAFE's reports don't pull up the first time, but if I highlight the link in the browser window, they will pull up. Very odd.