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  1. Battler Britton

    The Cercy sleave valve engine

    thank you..the one in french is a piece of cake, for me!
  2. Battler Britton

    CriCri MC-15 in NZ

    If you want to feel a little more confortable flying the Cricri... start training with a BD5....:rolleyes:😅 joking, of course... I had , of course, to fly solo my small racer, when I bought it... well, what a big surprise, with this so small plane...( kind of wood built Cassut..) so...
  3. Battler Britton

    WAM Engines

    I still got one of these engine in my garage! lovely engine.. the one pictured above is flying on a Pennec Gaz'Aile 2
  4. Battler Britton

    What is your dream warbird?

    sooo...!..nobody posting my favorite....? twin radial, single seat... Grumman XF5F Skyrocket..! and maybe, the XP 50 variant... of course, also the fabulous DH Hornet
  5. Battler Britton

    The big video topic

    Mathieu...? Ici, Alain, le Papa GIL...
  6. Battler Britton

    The big video topic

    and... with retracts..
  7. Battler Britton

    The big video topic

    quite last Jodel baby...Robin DR 500 with 200hp
  8. Battler Britton

    The big video topic

    NACA 23012....
  9. Battler Britton

    The big video topic

    I can confirm all that have been writed above...Flew a lot, all kind of Jodel and Robin aircraft, that are" factory built" Jodel, more or less...hundred Jodel and Robin still flying , in Europe.. strong, easy, fast for the ROC.. smell good( wood and fabric!)
  10. Battler Britton

    The big video topic

    from friends a few milles north...
  11. Battler Britton

    for Iron Man and Rocketeer fans

    Yves Rossi...JetMan.. recently, did a big improuvment with his concept! take off and land from the ground don't remember him?
  12. Battler Britton

    Avions Peña

    [QUOTE="cluttonfred There is a smaller and even rarer species that lives in the Pyrenees region of France and Spain. Both large and small species of dahu are found in clockwise (shorter legs on the right) and counterclockwise (shorter legs on the left) varieties, which will fight if they meet...
  13. Battler Britton

    Avions Peña

    Hi Matthew, you should know what mean " Dahu", I suppose ! do you? and write it in english for our american friends...;)