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  1. TarDevil

    "Remember Where You Were This Day in History"

    ... so said the program host. Did something historical occur this day, July 11, 2021?
  2. TarDevil

    Mike Patey - Scrappy's Wing

    The guy's amazing!
  3. TarDevil

    Ross's Video on Dark Aero

    Good stuff, Ross!
  4. TarDevil

    Sunset for Retiring Airshow Pilots

    A recent Plane & Pilot article would lead you to think that some airshow legends are in dire straights due to Covid's impact on the industry. I know some of you folks know others in the airshow circuit. Any other struggles you know of?
  5. TarDevil

    Getting to Deep Space

    Mods, I hope this is acceptable. I figured since we thoroughly thrashed Boeing's woes this might be worthy of discussion. From my perspective it's simple: NASA is using off-the-shelf hardware to build the SLS, yet it's years behind schedule and billions over budget. Why? Engines and boosters...
  6. TarDevil

    WAM Engines

    Looks like they still have a website but I don't see anything really new in the last 2 years. Anyone know if they're still selling engines? WAM Engines/ Apple Tree
  7. TarDevil

    Staggerwing Controversy

    So, did Mahoney get a raw deal? Seems like another example of Reno cutting it's own throat. Dang good looking airplane.
  8. TarDevil


    No, actually, I'm back at work. My old software company needed help and I signed on for a few years while my wife runs our private school. The money is fantastic. For the first time in my life I have expendable income in abundance. I've got money enough to fly again. But.... The most recent...
  9. TarDevil

    The "V" Jet

    The model flies fine. Build it!
  10. TarDevil

    New Engine Development Ain't Easy It needs an airframe. It needs SOME reason to exists.
  11. TarDevil

    Test Audience

    I'll be making a making a poetic story presentation at a local music house tonight. Thought I'd try it out on you guys to see if it floats... The Ballad of Two Five One Cruising along at Angels eight Flying home and running late In an airplane we just call Two Five One In the back a crew of...
  12. TarDevil

    Early 2019 Christmas Wish - RV-7HW...Are you listening, Richard?

    There's just nothing out there in a high wing aircraft that's comparable to Van's in performance and ease of construction. Just no market for such an animal?
  13. TarDevil

    If An Airplane Can Be Sexy....

    ... has to be this. By far, best looking Chipmunk I've ever seen.
  14. TarDevil

    V10 Legend?

    From the Legend Aircraft website, list of engine installation options: Anyone know of such an installation? Pros/cons?
  15. TarDevil

    RIP Richard Collins

    Though not much of a contributor to the homebuilt community, he was a tremendous source of information to those flying IFR...
  16. TarDevil

    New tilt-rotor design from Diamond

    Diamond Aircraft Launches Hybrid-Electric Tiltrotor | Flying Magazine Pilots not needed
  17. TarDevil

    Jim Bede passes

    KITPLANES Newsline
  18. TarDevil

    Ray Stits, RIP

    The Stits Playboy was the first homebuilt I saw in person. KITPLANES Newsline