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  1. Mad MAC

    Suitable steel for all brackets etc.

    The only issue with using stainless is that if it is welded, the region of the heat effected zone loses the strengthening gained by being cold worked. That issue can be accounted for in the part detail design. What hardness grades are you using, Aerospace 304 can come in annealed, 1/4 hard, 1/2...
  2. Mad MAC

    More problems for the "B Team" from ST. Louis

    Yip, had a 737 under go a freighter convertion and C Checked in the USA, ended up with a half a dozen bags of FOD removed from under floor panels (in the areas they actually lifted the panels to inspect rather than just signed off), much the same as an aircraft C checked in Romania (gear checks...
  3. Mad MAC

    Yet another one for Mathew (maybe)

    I see your B4 and raise you an E.P 9 Edgar Percival E.P.9 - Wikipedia
  4. Mad MAC

    Cowling fasteners

    Last Cowl I designed (didn't see it completed on airframe) used Adjustable CLoc Receptacles.
  5. Mad MAC

    Rubber Discs for Shock Strut

    Interesting, some of those donuts on component-designs on eBay appear to be water jet cut. Which apparently is a thing
  6. Mad MAC

    Rubber Discs for Shock Strut

    You couldn't give the source for those rubber doughnuts, just for everyone's future reference.
  7. Mad MAC

    Trailer Design - Resources?

    Hmm, my mind has wander off to ponder if one could just buy a few Ford Tranist van body's from the wreckers (or something similar) and weld them together, slap a pair of continuous rails under the whole lot, sliding side doors and double doors at the back could be quite practical. Given the...
  8. Mad MAC

    Trailer Design - Resources?

    May be a terminology issue on my part There is several styles. The simplest which I can't find a good example of, seems to uses torsion bar that can be unpinned allowing the rear of the trailer to rest on the ground, and uses a winch to lower and raise the trailer . more complex examples...
  9. Mad MAC

    Trailer Design - Resources?

    A drop deck trailer could be a design type worth considering, would make loading and unloading by ones self easier. Provision for water ballist in the trailer could be of value for when the wind gets too much for fun gliding and extra weight makes for a safe drive home (also would as a method...
  10. Mad MAC

    Rubber Discs for Shock Strut

    Last i need something similar for a project, we made a mold from mdf & dowel, and got the local rubber supply to do a pour of silicone with it.
  11. Mad MAC

    Please PLEASE somebody give me the word !

    Amphibious flyingboat maybe
  12. Mad MAC

    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks

    No not me, but somebody could probadly find a venture capitalist to fund it.
  13. Mad MAC

    The propellers plane of damage ?

    The blade only really moves out of the disc plane once it has slowed down and drag relative to the forward motion of the aircraft becomes significant (hence a dent repair to the base of the fin on a beech 1900d from a prop blade impact after a gear up landing).
  14. Mad MAC

    replica's other than p-51 p-40

    The a fore mentioned replica
  15. Mad MAC

    What we think we want.

    ****, I didn't know there was a 3rd book
  16. Mad MAC

    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks

    Thats a great find, AutoCAD LT 2014 will run rings around draftsight (if only for the 2nd moment of area function). I can't say I like inventor but an order of magnicude cost reduction from solidworks means I can probably live with it. I once worked a job were for 6 months all i did was convert...
  17. Mad MAC

    replica's other than p-51 p-40

    There is a half scale partailly finished walrus for sale in the UK.
  18. Mad MAC

    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks

    double threads running on this
  19. Mad MAC

    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks

    I have been using Solidworks to model and then fusion 360 to process for CAM, as I been using solidworks for 20 years but CAM is new to me so tried fusion 360 but didn't like the modeling methods. Cloud based sucks big time on my internet connection. Guess I will ditching draftsight as well as...
  20. Mad MAC

    Raptor NG Discussion

    At least when one looks at Synergy one can see something of a method to his madness even if the details are laugh out loud, however the Raptor NG config appears to be closest to a bad sci fi drawing.