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  1. 1Bad88

    Airplane Wanted Wanted - Quickie Q1 Project

    I figured that I'd toss this out there. Does anyone know of a Q1 project? Preferably Southern US.
  2. 1Bad88

    Hauling Suggestion Needed

    I am traveling to pick up a Falcon XP this weekend and am looking for suggestions on a way to haul it home (3 hours). The wings are pretty long so I'm thinking it will take a box truck since rental trailers only go to 12 feet. What suggestions do people have for this trip?
  3. 1Bad88

    2 Seater - solo build

    I've been looking at several options for a two seat build. Looking for decent cross country ability, room for 2 plus luggage, and full fuel. I like the Mustang 2 and RV-7/9 but I don't have someone to help squeeze rivets. I love the Cozy but I don't have confidence in my ability as a body...
  4. 1Bad88

    Teenie Two Plans

    Does anyone have a set of Teenie Two plans they would be willing to part with? Thanks,
  5. 1Bad88

    Printing Plans

    I wanted to share my experiences for printing plans in order to help others who don't have access to wide format printers. I have purchased and downloaded several sets of plans over the years. I spend many hours evaluating the plans in electronic form. However, this is limited when it comes...
  6. 1Bad88

    Davis DA-2A/B Plans Book

    I am looking for a set of Davis DA-2A/B plans. I would prefer the book only at this time but will consider the book and plans if you have them.
  7. 1Bad88

    How to make a difference

    The closest airport to me is in poor shape, only has 6 planes based there, and averages 25 operations per month. The runway is extensively cracked. I don't even know where to start or who to talk to about revitalizing the airport. Then I see this in the notes: - PARACHUTING, ULTRALIGHT...
  8. 1Bad88

    The Red Baron

    I stumbled across The Red Baron (2008) on Netflix this weekend and decided to watch it. I'm not sure about the historical accuracy of the film but it was an intriguing flying movie that is worth the time to watch if you get a chance.
  9. 1Bad88

    Fatal RV-6 Crash in MN

    An RV-6 crashed into a house on Friday evening in Sauk Rapids, MN; suspected wake turbulence. My condolences to the family. If wake turbulence ends up being the cause, how do we as pilots avoid it during operations away from an airport?
  10. 1Bad88

    Belite's newest demo plane

    I know some people here don't use Facebook, so I figured that I'd post the information for Belite's newest demo plane that they plan to have at Sun-N-Fun this year. It's been fun to watch the development on their Facebook page. (I have no connection with them, I'm just an enthusiast of product...
  11. 1Bad88


    Oracal, not to be confused with Oratex. I've been following the development of the Belite over the past couple of years and I really like the idea of using Oracal, cast vinyl, over Dacron instead of paint. I didn't see a previous discussion with Oracal on the forum so I figured I'd see what...
  12. 1Bad88

    Fabric Under or Over

    I am working on a control surface that has piano hinges and I am wondering if the hinges are installed over the fabric or if the fabric is cut around the hinge or does the fabric go over the hinge? The second option seems to make the most sense to me; but this is my first rodeo.
  13. 1Bad88

    Cut and Bend or Machine

    I am working on my wing attach fittings and I have a question. Would internal stress and grain structure in the completed part be better if it were machined and then bent or machined from a solid block in the shape of the part? (Material is 2024T3)
  14. 1Bad88

    Trailing Edge - How Pointy?

    How much of a point did you cut your trailing edge down to? I think that there has to be a certain point where things become to fragile.
  15. 1Bad88

    Leading Edge Plywood - When to Join

    I started working on my leading edge plywood recently and my plan was to cut it to size, scarf the pieces, glue them together, and glue the single big piece to the wing. I got the first cured scarf joint off of the table last night and did a test run on bending the joint and it was so stiff...
  16. 1Bad88

    How widspread is the problem?

    I am just finishing up my PPL training and discovered that 2 examiners in my area recently had their licenses taken away. Does this affect pilots that have received their tickets from these people? How much is this happening across the country? Why?
  17. 1Bad88

    The Blue Yonder

    Back in 1985, Disney made a movie for TV called "The Blue Yonder" about a boy who travels back in time to save one of his relatives, Max Knickerbocker, who disappeared in a blue biplane called the Blue Yonder. This was one of my favorite movies growing up; does anyone have a copy for sale? Or...
  18. 1Bad88

    Wrong impression of the EAA?

    I am a national EAA member and a local chapter EAA member. I have attended several meetings and I am starting to think that my impression of the EAA is incorrect and that I am not utilizing the EAA as it is meant to be used. When I joined the EAA I believed that the local meetings would be...
  19. 1Bad88

    Fly Cutting Spring Steel

    I am purchasing some spring steel for my forward landing gear and the plans call out 7mm thickness but I can only get 0.323". I was considering fly cutting the material to the correct thickness but I am concerned that this will create points for stress cracks to develop. Does anyone have an...
  20. 1Bad88

    1 day short of 13 months

    Well, Saturday was finally my day. My first flight in my logbook is 1/17/12 and my first solo flight is 2/16/2013. The back of my shirt is now on the wall with the rest of my ground school peers' shirt tails.