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  1. deskpilot


    I'm very surprised to see, or not to see, that nobody has mention Scrappy, a replacement for Drako By builder Mike Patey. This guys is a workaholic with a mind full of ideas to make the perfect plane for himself starting with 2 scrapped airframes. You want to know how to use carbon fibre, this...
  2. deskpilot

    Rotax 503 question.

    I have an early 503 on my thruster but as yet, have not connected the tacho. Why, because there is no grey wire coming out of the engine. All diagrams say this wire is for the tacho. My question therefore is, how else can I get the correct impulses to operate said tacho? My home team...
  3. deskpilot

    Push or pull, maybe both.

    Hi guys, just wondering, If you have an impeller or propeller in a constant diameter duct, is it the sucking or the blowing that provide propulsion? I know, it's rather a chicken and egg type question but am interested in your take on it Cheers.
  4. deskpilot

    Is it worth the extra ...........!

    I see that plane manufacturers are looking at morphing control surfaces. Given the extra complexity, weight and possibles failures, is it worth looking into for our recreational aircraft?
  5. deskpilot

    Type of foam?

    Thinking in terms of f'glass over foam construction, I've been looking to find a supplier of blue or pink builders foam here in South Australia. Now I now that it needs to be high density, closed cell and extruded but apart from that, the various figures quoted confuse me. Recently I discovered...
  6. deskpilot

    Self sprung wheels

    Some months ago, I came across a site extolling the merits of flexible spoked wheels that provided their own suspension. I'm not talking about the Loop-wheel made for bicycles, but multi, S shaped spokes that allow the hub to 'float'. I have a feeling that these were small wheels, maybe even...
  7. deskpilot

    Sgian Dubh remodeled

    G'day guys. As is my way, I'm still looking for that one aircraft that is different and would be a crowd puller where ever it went. Well, this time I'm not using one of my own designs but have opted to look at Hugh Lorimer's Sgian Dubh. This little tailless aircraft grabbed my attention the...
  8. deskpilot

    Bugger, bugger, bugger.

    Just invested in a new, faster, more powerful pc and am in the transferring files mode. Moved all my Sketchup models to a memory stick and transferred them onto the new pc. Started working on a new model and found files were being saved in 2 different locations. Bought them all into one folder...
  9. deskpilot

    Some interesting history.

    Impressive production numbers. Bath Iron Works delivered a completed U.S. Navy Destroyer Escort ship every 13 days at the height of WWII....... BIW alone built more Destroyers than entire Japanese Navy had afloat..... NOW YOU WILL KNOW..... "THE REST OF THE STORY" * *Bet you...
  10. deskpilot

    IP address banned, again, and again, and again. WHY?

    IP address banned, again, and again, and again. WHY? Today I finally managed to re-enter this site and had 117 posts to go through due to previously being banned for the third time. Having contacted Admin via the link provided, and btw, gotten no response, I'm wondering if anyone else has been...
  11. deskpilot

    Another Aviation 1st.

    Whilst this video is concerned with gliding, I think most aviators will enjoy it. Settle down with a cup of coffer and enjoy James May's enthusiasm and childhood memories. (Goes for about an hour) James Mays Toy Stories - Flight Club - YouTube
  12. deskpilot

    FWIW My latest design.

    Hi folks. A couple of weeks ago, I received a pm from Billyvray asking for more info on my staggered biplane design. He suggested that I might publish details for all forumites to ponder, criticise or just get a good laugh. :mad2: No, really, he didn't say that. Just joking.:roll: Anyway, this...
  13. deskpilot

    How to create a simple or complex wing in Google SketchUp

    This morning I received a request as to how did I create my Double Delta wing for the EagleRay. Unfortunately, I can't find it now so I am posting this "How To" on RecreationalFlying in Australia and HBA in the US. Hope it helps somebody. This short tutorial shows how to create a wing...
  14. deskpilot

    Balandin-Parsons 2 stroke radial

    Why isn't this technology used today? Simple, only 3 moving parts, light weight, not bad power from a 700cc engine and sounds nice. Were there problems back in those day (just after WW2) that could be over-come with today's knowledge...
  15. deskpilot

    Thinking out loud

    OK, this may be crazy but, whist looking for a way to run control rods/cables down the outside of a boom tube, I thought (dangerous in it's own rights) of this. How would it's strength compare to a conventional tube? Rivet omitted at this time.
  16. deskpilot

    Inverted Y tail-plane

    I'm working on a new design and want to use an inverted Y tailplane. My problem is that I can't figure out an easy/light weight coupling for the elevators. I might just be having senior moments but.............. I've searched the web and can't find any clear diagrams of proven set-ups. Can...
  17. deskpilot

    New site found

    Hey guys, I hope this is the correct forum to post this but I came across this site today. Fantasy Aircraft Series - Page 2 Whilst not true aviation, there is some exquisite work here and worth your perusal. Edit, sorry got the wrong page but I'm sure you can find your way.
  18. deskpilot


    This is a new one for my 'stable'. Something a little different and an update on a suggestion to Mark Skull of Ringtail fame. VT (Vectored Thrust) - ICE ( Inverted Chunnel {CHannel/tUNNEL} Experimental. Why? why not. The channel or tunnel wing was a successful design in it's day but didn't...
  19. deskpilot

    Stress testing wings

    I have a couple of questions regarding the testing of wings to establish positive and negative 'g' limits. I understand that the normal thing is to load the top surface for negative limits and then turn the plane/wing over and load the top(underside) for positive limit. This seems a lot of work...
  20. deskpilot

    8 cylinder VW?

    Look in any forum and you'll find 'wacky' ideas. This may be the wackiest of them all. Down here in the Land of Oz, we have a governing rule that says one engine, one prop. Now, the engine being the most expensive piece of kit in any plane, we are all looking for 'cheap' alternatives. We all...