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  1. VP1

    Chilton DW1 Build

    Been away for a while house shopping. Was hoping I’d end up with a 2 car workshop but looks like I’ll be staying in another shoebox. The build continues!
  2. VP1

    10/23 Raptor Video

    New video out. WOW. Just wow. I'm amazed he admits to such dumbassery
  3. VP1

    Chilton DW1 Build

    That's pretty cool!
  4. VP1

    Where building time comes from

    Dang man. I'm impressed by the thought you've put in to this. I struggle with motivation- whole nother endeavor
  5. VP1

    Chilton DW1 Build

    The summer heat seems to have let up so I’m back to work. I’ve slowly worked on the wing attach fittings during the course of the year. Scrapped a bunch of aluminum and had a few motivation sucking events, but I’m happy to say the wing fittings are all done and everything fits very nicely.
  6. VP1

    Build area tips and advice

    I’m building in a single car garage. Cleanliness and organization are essential in a space this size(not that I’m particularly good at it). I like small tables on wheels. Keeping the floor clear is very important. Use overhead air hose and electrical reels. Lastly, nothing is worse than being...
  7. VP1

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    I'm fine with it
  8. VP1

    Aeroplane you have to dress into !

    Absolutely disgusting! Terrible. Just where does a video like this exist so I can make sure to avoid it?
  9. VP1

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    In the latest video Peter learns about breaking in brake pads. His videos would be more entertaining if Ron Howard were narrating
  10. VP1

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    I can't help but feel happy for Peter. This is a huge accomplishment, regardless of the obvious flaws. Hope everything progresses safely
  11. VP1

    Chilton DW1 plans?

    Great to hear. I will call him, thanks
  12. VP1

    Chilton DW1 plans?

    I don’t see anything indicating it’s currently for sale. Did I miss an announcement?
  13. VP1

    Chilton DW1 Build

    Back with another update. Took about a month off after screwing up the location of my outboard wing attach fitting holes. Got that all fixed and we’re back on track now. Just finished mounting the stbd spars. Port side is next and after that I can think about skinning the center section.
  14. VP1

    Chilton DW1 plans?

    The VW is a bit heavy for the Chilton but will do if necessary. The PERFECT engine IMO will be the Pegasus 0-100 once it’s ready. That’s what I’ll be putting on the nose of mine assuming it’s in production
  15. VP1

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    More of a common sense item..
  16. VP1

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Did he seriously not realize that a cockpit operable fuel cut-off valve is required? He's a CFI? Someone oughta check that he's installed a pitot tube
  17. VP1

    Slice & Dice time

    It looks like he was tapping his helmet, maybe some sort of emergency signal. To me it seemed like it jumped off the ground faster than expected and the pilot then chopped the throttle initiating rapid descent and starting a feedback loop similar to PIO. Pure speculation of course.. Looks...
  18. VP1

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Peter has no idea. Oh, my pulley guards can’t rotate? I shouldn’t activate my ailerons via tiny bearings off the control stick? The comedy increases. I only wish Elliot wasn’t interested in flying this failure.
  19. VP1

    Workshops and wings: How big is too big?

    The single seat Chilton in my one car garage is tight but it works. I don’t think I’d try to build anything much bigger in a space this size
  20. VP1

    Video series on TIG welding thin wall aircraft tubing

    Great stuff Mike. I nominate you for the 1st annual HBA Tony Bingelis Award. You've motivated me to buy an oxy acetylene setup and get learning so I can do my own welding on my project. How about a quick video showing correct torch setup for welding thin wall stuff? Most of the info in your...