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  1. dino

    Kiel Tube

    I'm making a Kiel Tube pitot source to be built into the fairing on the nose of a gyroplane. So far I've got a 32mm ID X 75mm grp tube sealed flush on the inside end and open to the free stream on the other. My question is what is the best way to position the (6mm OD X 4mm ID copper tube) ASI...
  2. dino

    ATOL amphibian

    I'm looking for construction manual, details or plans for the old circa 1970s ATOL offered then as a kit. It has reappeared as a factory built LSA recently with many changes to the original which was a lightweight version similar to the Osprey 2.
  3. dino

    New 130hp turboprop Starting flight tests
  4. dino

    Warp Drive 72"

    Duplicate of original
  5. dino

    Subaru EA81 power package

    Subaru EA81 incuding hub, Tenessee 52X26 pusher prop (left hand), no starter easy hand start, radiator, kubota alternator with regulator, Aerocarb, K&N airfilter, Stratus stainless exhaust, wire loom, gel battery, produces about 300lbs static thrust at 3550rpm, 180hrs on Hobbs since converting...
  6. dino

    Air Command EA81 parting out

    Frame including cheek plates, motor mount rudder pedals, pump stick $2500 Sky Wheels 25' rotor 1500 seat tank 7.5 gallon 120 tail air command vertical, wood fabric stab 250 enclosure, wider modified AC 300 wheels 6" azusa mains, 4" nose, plastic tail including hegar brakes 350 rotorhead 400...
  7. dino

    Warp Drive 2 blade 72" prop and Subaru prop hub

    Warp drive 72" 2 blade Left hand prop,HP hub, new, unused, in box, can be shortened, drilled for SAE1 hub (6 holes on 4" diam circle) and Rotax 75mm diam circle. Can be used on Subaru direct drive pusher or Rotax 2 stroke tractor. $450 Other engine parts can be seen on "Air Command EA81...."...
  8. dino

    Serial Hybrid

    Can anyone speculate on electrically coupling a DC-PM generator to DC-PM motor without controller? Generator would replace flywheel. Motor would replace redrive. What generator-motor combination would be required to avoid controllers? Dino
  9. dino

    IC-Electric propulsion

    Finally from their forerunners: Diesel Electric as used in trains, ice breakers, cruise ships Turbo Electric as used in T-2 tankers of WW II, nuclear boomer subs and just a hair shy of of a serial hybrid Albastar AS 18...
  10. dino

    promising new diesel

    A new Junkers type diesel is under development funded by UK MOD to replace gas outboards Dino
  11. dino

    Electric motor 1.4lb 7hp @ 8500rpm

    Halbach array electric motor. Looks interesting. Dino
  12. dino

    Electric Ornithopter

    Seems to be seriously engineered not just a daydream Project Falcon Dino
  13. dino

    Rotax 912 carbs on backwards

    Has anyone seen or heard of a 912 installation with the carbs on backwards, ie. with the carb mouth pointing toward the redrive end? At first glance it seems it can be done by turning the intake manifolds around. Dino
  14. dino

    instrument panel paint

    Does anyone have a suggestion on what paint to use for painting an instrument panel? Something that dries matt to an almost powdery finish in charcoal grey is what I've seen on some glider panels. Dino
  15. dino

    twin engine sailplane conversion

    I’m considering converting an AC4 sailplane to twin engine power. The AC4 lacks a EASA type certificate so can’t be flown here. Experimental registration is not allowed so converting to a 3 axis ultralight is a way of flying it. Design...
  16. dino

    BMW R1200 for sale

    FOR SALE BMW R1200 with redrive BMW R1200 90HP for sale - Rotary Wing Forum Dino