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  1. Doran Jaffas

    Hangar building

    Just started putting together my oversized carport so to speak for my airplane Shelter at Lake City airport in Michigan. A 32 by 28' Versa Tube structure. A lot of screws! I should point what they don't tell you is the sore muscles you'll have after only a few hours lol. Looking forward to...
  2. Doran Jaffas

    Wheel Pants for Sale

    A little off topic and I rifled through the forums and couldn't find anything regarding it so please forgive this not about spinners but I do have a set of wheel pants off an an RV aircraft. I've repaired them and put them in primer and they look good. I was going to mount them on my Tailwind...
  3. Doran Jaffas


    Thinking of repainting my Tailwind but I'm looking at the wraps that are available. Has anyone had any experience in using wrap on a fabric covered aircraft? As most of you know the Tailwind is 4130 tubing with fabric on the fuselage and tail sections. The wings are all wood with fabric over the...
  4. Doran Jaffas

    Corvair engines

    Hello everybody out there in aviation land. Been a while since I posted or asked a question and there may be answers to this but I just haven't seen them so I'm going to put it out there again and please forgive the repeat if it is. I'm looking at an aircraft that has 110 horsepower Corvair...
  5. Doran Jaffas

    Book on hand carving a wooden propeller

    Hello everyone and I know I'm kind of reading a post that was started 10 years ago or so. A long time ago back when dirt was a mountain I had a book on hand carving your own wouldn't propeller which I used and did and it came out very nice however since the mountain has become dirt and I am a...
  6. Doran Jaffas

    Continental and leaning.

    Hello All, As many of you know I have an 0-200 powered Tailwind W8. Not many with this engine I have been told. Reason? Several, mostly about speed. I am an oddity of sorts I guess but speed is not the primary requirement for me. It needs to be married with at least reasonable climb or in...
  7. Doran Jaffas

    Different propeller

    I have removed my Warp Drive 3 blade ground adjustable propeller from my 0-200A powered Tailwind W8 and am in the process of fitting a Prince P Tip. Should be ready in a week or less. Then the test flights be to compare performance. Really looking forward to this. Looking for a little more...
  8. Doran Jaffas

    New propeller

    Planning to head to Mt. Vernon, Ohio to pick up a Prince P Tip for my 0-200A powered Tailwind W8. Anyone fly with these bolted onto the front of an 0-200?
  9. Doran Jaffas

    Any Tailwind owners / pilots?

    Just a curiosity...Are there any Tailwind owners on here... besides me? Ionia, Michigan N625MS
  10. Doran Jaffas

    Vietnam Legacy Event

    For those of you that are going to be in the neighborhood of central lower Michigan this Summer we will be having a Vietnam Legacy Event to honor our Vietnam Era Veterans and their Families. Where...Ionia County Airport..KY70 When.. Saturday, August 1st 0900-1300...