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  1. N804RV

    90 Deg elbows in Fuel supply line.

    How many 90 degree elbows can you put into a fuel supply line before fuel flow is affected (boost pump on/boost pump off)? I went with an Andair fuel selector valve and Airflow Performance inline filter and boost pump on my fuel injected RV-8 build. I bought the TS Flightlines braided fuel...
  2. N804RV

    DIY Steel Braided Fuel Lines

    Is there any reason not to use the DIY braided fuel line like the ones the hot-roders use? I have premium synthetic inner core hose with braided steel outer jacket that is rated for gasoline and racing fuel. And I have Russell AN fittings and appropriate tooling to roll my own. Other than not...
  3. N804RV

    If I were going to build a replica...

    This airplane fascinates me! A Warner 185 on a stubby, short coupled high-wing monocoupe. And that Red.... Monocoupe 110 Special
  4. N804RV

    Flight Control "Harmony"

    I was talking to a friend, who's raced at Reno, about building a fast homebuilt airplane. I mentioned the GP-4, and he told me about his experience flying one and trying to fly formation with one. He said the flight controls were not well harmonized. He explained that pitch and yaw were not...
  5. N804RV

    Becker Nav 5300 Complete System

    VOR/ILS Remote Reciever: RN 3320-(01) (w/GS) Control Unit: 5301-(1)-1 Indicator: IN3301-(2)-1 Was working when removed from aircraft for glass panel upgrade. $950 + Shipping PM If interested.
  6. N804RV

    MGL V6 VHF Radio NIB

    Like the title says, its new, in the box. Never installed. In addition, it comes with an Aircraft Spruce custom wire harness ($234 value). Asking $950 + Shipping PayPal accepted. Email: [email protected]
  7. N804RV

    Alternator output

    I have a Kohler style 20amp alternator with an external rectifier/regulator in the Sonerai. I installed an alt. warning light/circuit and removed the analog volt meter to make room for a G-meter. The old analog volt meter showed about 14.5vdc inflight. But, the alt. warning light indicates an...
  8. N804RV

    Diehl Accessory Case/Slick 4316 Magneto Drive Hub Damage

    Started annual inspection on 4SP and pulled the magneto to comply with Slick service bulletin. Found damage to both the spacer and the drive hub mounted to the Alternator rotor/flywheel. This install has no starter or full size flywheel with starter ring. It just uses the flange that takes...
  9. N804RV

    Manifold Pressure Equalization Tube

    Anyone here running an equalization tube between the intake manifolds on a dual-port VW engines. The guy that built my engine originally had it installed in his Quickie. He says this made his engine run as smooth as a sewing maching and improved his fuel economy. As you can see in the bottom...
  10. N804RV

    KX-155/GS (14v) & KI209

    Both have fresh yellow tags; test and aligned by Cannon Avionics of Arlington, WA Both include brand new install kits, including new tray and back-plate for Nav/Com. $2,900.00 ------- PM me if interested
  11. N804RV

    Thin nose 2.5" reach squeezer yoke (CP-214 compatible)

    As the title says, I'm looking for a thin nose yoke for setting those pesky flush rivets on the leading edge of the horizontal stab of my RV-8. I've been hoping I'd run into someone who has one I could borrow. But, no luck. This is what it looks like:
  12. N804RV

    WTB: Narrow Head Squeezer Yoke

    I'm looking for a narrow head, no-hole yoke for a CP-214 style rivet squeezer. Have you got one you don't need anymore? PM me.
  13. N804RV

    New Power Tool Bench

    Took time off from making airplane parts to buy a bandsaw and drill press. Then, of course I had to build a bench to put them on:
  14. N804RV

    VAF web site down?

    Anyone heard anything about the Vans Air Force site ( )?
  15. N804RV

    Teen Surives 5.5 hr Flight in 767 wheel well (...yeah, right!)

    Having worked on big jets, including 767s, for several years, I don't see how he could have managed to keep from being crushed to death by the landing gear. What's more, How could he have survived for several hours above 20,000' without supplemental oxygen, and without suffering any serious...
  16. N804RV

    VFR panel cost analysis

    Anyone working on designing a VFR cross country panel got an honest cost analysis comparing some of the popular homebuilder EFIS systems? What are the must haves for your VFR panel? What's your budget?
  17. N804RV

    RV-8 N804RV

    15 years ago, I got the tail kit for Christmas. Today, I finally started it: Peeling back the plastic coat from horizontal stab trailing edge rivet line: HS rear spars match drilled to skins:
  18. N804RV


    Any Q-200 pilots here? I am considering buying a Q-200 project. And, I'm wondering if there is anyone flying one here. I've heard some very negative stuff about directional control of the Quickie designs. I have a tailwheel endorsement and am reasonably competent in a SuperDecathalon...
  19. N804RV

    Bob Nuckolls' "All Electric Airplane" electrical system

    Looking for pics, wiring diagrams and tips from anyone using the Aeroelectric Z13/8 electrical system. (hopefully, this won't degenerate into a "DIY vs Plug-n-play" debate.....;) ) (or, c/b vs fuse debate...... ;( ) (or,................)
  20. N804RV

    ADSB Out ???

    My plan for avionics/instruments was originally going to be just minimum legal VFR + a radio, transponder, and blind encoder. But, the ADS-B mandate makes that plan unworkable for me. I plan to finish my build by this time, 2018. So, I might as well plan to for this eventuality now. After...