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  1. BTCrenshaw

    Part 103 Max Speed vs. Climb Power

    Starting a new thread based on some ideas/comments made about Part 103 as it pertains to maximum speed of an ultralight. The comments were that Part 103 covers maximum speed at 1000 feet (adjusted for sea level if needed), with a 170Lbs pilot and what that means when it comes to climbing and...
  2. BTCrenshaw

    Chip is making progress with the Merlin Lite

    I just noticed Chip has posted a new video of testing the Merlin Lite. The lift off and landing's look pretty smooth, though he does mention what sounds like a hard tail down landing that he edited out. Nice looking all metal ultralight.
  3. BTCrenshaw

    A year and counting.

    Just getting the itch to get back into flying. Many a year ago I was going after my PPL. Because of life events, I never did finish and lost interest. I saw some paramotor's on YouTube and got my interest. I was considering learning here in Dallas, even going to meet up with the instructors. A...
  4. BTCrenshaw

    Confused by FAA Part 103 - who isn't?

    This has most likely been brought up before here but I'm not seeing anything so asking - Part 103 concerning Class E airspace. I live just west of F46 (Rockwall muni). Besides being right on the edge of DFW controlled airspace, the airport itself is in Class E airspace. I've checked with the...