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    Registering “Plans Built” aircraft in Canada.

    Thank you very much for the info, I checked out the website you attached and gave their office a call. I spoke to someone who was also able assist. I’m just now waiting for an inspector to get back to me. As I mentioned, in the past, I’ve only ever registered Basic Ultralight. My avid heavy...
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    Registering “Plans Built” aircraft in Canada.

    Hey everyone, I have been trying to find these answers for a couple days on Transport Canada sites as well as general online searches with little to no luck. I’ve only ever registered ultralight aircrafts that were built by the manufacturers and I only restored them. So they already came with...
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    Why the animosity towards ultralights?

    That is a great way to look at it regarding your examples of the motorcycles boats etc. As far as it being an isolated incident I am hoping that is the case. I do hear comments from time to time regarding ultralights from other pilots at the club and in passing at shows. It may also be the...
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    Why the animosity towards ultralights?

    Hey everyone I’m curious in hearing your thoughts as to why there’s such a high amount of animosity towards ultralight pilots, their aircraft and their instructors, specifically from individuals who are perhaps licensed higher and/or own certified aircraft? Myself, I started out on...
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    What connector for radio cable?

    Looking for input on which connector to get for my radio antenna cable. It’s a shielded cable but wasn’t sure if regular coax connectors would work or something that Aircraftspruce shows? Connector will be inline and not on an end. I’d been meaning to get a connector for the cable because it...
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    Engine mount ideas?

    Hey everyone i am out of ideas for fabbing up the mount for a bmw 1150 engine in my avid flyer. to make things easier I put my questions in video. Link attached. Thanks in advance.
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    BMW R1150

    Hey Will, How is the project coming along with this engine setup? I too have been building piece by piece an 1150 engine with dual ignition and EFI. I am interested to hear of your progress with everything. Merry Christmas Matt
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    BMW redrives

    I didn't know that about Take-Off. Ive been talking to Vasili a little about theirs and I see their products on all sorts of planes. Just was hoping to have more options available for comparison. I found this other one called subaruair located in China and their response was pretty demeaning...
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    BMW redrives

    Hey everyone, im finally buckling down my BMW 1150cc engine build and am ready to start fitting a redrive. I am just looking to find out people's experiences with different setups. Also if you can share with me the companies you know who manufacture them. Im aware of rotax C setup and...
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    Rotax 912 Carbs Selling a pair of 912 carbs on eBay and just wanted to share the link. thanks
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    Subaru Redrive, PSRU

    I purchased a newly rebuilt and complete Subaru EA81 engine that came with a redrive. However this style redrive doesn't fit in my current cowling so I am using my previous one. Comes with everything needed to bolt on including propeller hub(not pictured). Video...
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    Rotax 912 carb sync.

    I agree I noticed this was loose and was like what the hell. Just as you said it looks bad so j think I'll be tig welding it closed. Would I install two new ports for syncing the carbs or no?
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    Rotax 912 carb sync.

    Well, after some down time with the plane over the winter and redoing cooling issues etc. I'm just about to wrap up it all up once the plumbing is done. This weekend I will be running and syncing the carbs. The previous owner installed this freshly rebuilt stratos EA81 and encountered loss in...
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    EA81 help and setup preference?

    akwrencher Just seeing this now, sorry about that. I got the carbs all rebuilt and they were a disaster inside and out full of gunk and clogged right up. Got them sparkling clean all rebuilt. I had them installed and redid the throttle linkage to a dual to single pull so both carbs can remain in...
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    Matco cylinder leak

    I've purchased and installed the Rebuild kits and according to diagram and instructions that came with them, just as Dan Thomas said, there isn't a seal at that stem its just metal on metal nor is it a machine fit. The majority of responses I'm getting are that I've filled them too much. I'll...
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    Matco cylinder leak

    Hey everyone just looking for some insight on this. I have rerun new lines and fittings on the brakes. Filled with fluid until leaking out the "SHCS" on the top reservoir cover, bled the brakes and they are working nice and solid. However every few depressions of the pedal I'm hearing the...
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    Avid/Kitfox Subaru experts...I need your opinion

    Hey everyone, I purchased an Avid MK4 with a subaru ea81 in it with twin carb conversion. I have a larger 2bbl single engine all fresh and ready to go but am gonna stick with this setup. However the throttle setup is not setup properly to maintain synchronization. So I am looking for different...
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    Kitfox Model 1 Fuselage and Misc. Also Model 3 Wings

    Hey everyone, picked up an already finished plane as time for building was sparse. So selling off others that I have. Here is the link for the Kitfox model 1 and Misc. asking $2700.00 US Additionally, but not listed on this link is a nice set of Model 3 wings. Asking $1850.00 US The wings are...
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    EA81 help and setup preference?

    I also forgot to mention that the choke control for these were disconnected and just strictly using the primer. So the chokes were positioned to be on the springs in the closed position and I recall when removing the one the spring wasn't hooked up and the choke, I believe was partially open. i...