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    What might cause low EGT?

    Weather was great, so went for a flight today. About the time I got to pattern altitude I noticed that one EGT was really low. Like 800 compared to 1400 on the other. (I only have a dual EGT on cylinders 2&3 with CHT on 1&4, so don't have as much data as the fully instrumented folks). CHT...
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    Another silly idea: A container plane using RV-12 wings.

    Since my RV is "done" I've been exploring ideas for another project. Still 3 hours to go before my phase 1 test is up, but thinking about things I want that the RV doesn't quite do. It's aerobatic enough, and fast enough for the tiny amount of cross country I do, but not quite suitable for...
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    Augmented Reality in Aviation

    So, this little aside in the Rutan Catbird thread totally nerd-sniped me ( Spent quite a bit of time over the last couple of days researching, wanted to share what I found. Seems like more of a new thread thing. Even though such a thing wouldn't really be all that...
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    On the importance of weight.

    I've been thinking about the possibility of an aerobatic part 103 ultralight. Pretty much just using a 103 appendix 7 spreadsheet and drawing napkin sketches so far. Looks like assuming a 170 lb pilot and a 254 lb plane you need at least around 120 ft^2 for a double surface wing with 50% or...
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    After 21 years, three moves, getting married, etc. my RV-8A was signed off today. First flight is still a ways off, transition training is scheduled for next month. A long road, but a fun one.
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    A weighty question: What kind of scales should I use?

    Getting to be time to weigh my RV. Looking up similarly equipped ones I expect a total weight of 1050-1150lbs or so. Should be fairly evenly distributed on all three wheels or 350-400lbs. Asking around for other builders, they don't have scales in this range. Asked the local FBO, they are...
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    O-360 won't idle.

    Working on my RV today, finally got the cowling fixed. Wanted to try a taxi test. The engine (Lycoming O-360 with Rotec TBI) starts really easy, but won't run under about 1500 rpm. I've only run it once before, and that was running way to rich due to my wiring the primer switch backwards...
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    Size of airworthiness document?

    I believe that the airworthiness certificate needs to be visible to pilot and passenger. Building a leather map case/pocket for my RV, planning on sticking the a.c. on the outside of that. How big should I make the pocket? Can anyone measure how big this document is?
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    Certification question. What if I don't want a special N-number?

    I am now in the final stages of building my RV, getting started on filling out the paperwork. Have a few questions about this, wondering if people who have gone there before may have hints. I supposed I can call the FAA, but thought I'd ask here first. Everything I read talks about...
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    Vacuum pump mounting studs.

    Working on hooking up the engine to my RV, I want to use a B&C accessory mounted alternator, with their VAC-2 oil pickup: This will require 3.25 inch or so studs. The old engine I have only has one 1-7/8 stud, so I need to aquire the rest. The...
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    SA 300 Starduster Too

    SA 300 Starduster Too for sale 1971 Sa 300 Starduster Too for sale. 1989 TT. Asking $13,000 Enjoy the thrill of fully aerobatic open cockpit flight in a Starduster. Ellison throttle body and Christen inverted oil system. It includes day VFR instrumentation, extended range aux tank, intercom...
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    How to know Lycoming part number

    Getting to the finishing stages on my RV-8A, and have question for the knowledgable posters here regarding engine parts. I have a Lycoming O-360A1D that I purchased used for a good price, but it is missing the flywheel/ring gear. I'm trying to buy a replacement, but how do I know what part...
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    A new airfoil mean line.

    Been studying up on airfoils, reading the books, etc. Thinking about simple airfoils for low performance aircraft. Most of my designs (none of which have progressed beyond the X-plane model) just use the old NACA 4 digit series, but I have been thinking about moving a little beyond. The...
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    I suppose I should introduce myself.

    Been lurking for a few months, suppose I should introduce myself. about 200 hr private pilot, currently flying a Starduster Too. Building a RV-8A (just hung the engine). Thinking that after I finish the RV, I want to design my next plane myself. Wandering around the web, this seems the best...