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  1. dino

    Wooden structure reinforced with carbon fibre

    Also read this comprehensive study of the AC30 Luciole wing ÉTUDE STRUCTURALE D UNE AILE D AVION LEGER ESSAI EN FLEXION STATIQUE D UN LONGERON DE LUCIOLE MC30 - PDF Free Download
  2. dino

    Lighweight opposite 2-stroke engines

    Spiral resonator wrapped around a central canister muffler.
  3. dino

    Lighweight opposite 2-stroke engines

    I think the picture shows a PIK muffler. The DG muffler was spiral (cochlear) inside
  4. dino

    Lighweight opposite 2-stroke engines

    Rotax 505 as used in the DG400 self launch motor glider ,which first flew in the early 1980’s has a spiral resonator
  5. dino

    modern equivalent to doped canvas?

    Ceconite, Plastidip waterproofing then spar varnish for UV
  6. dino

    Carbon Fiber Tube Fuselage

    Why discount the skin’s ability to bear loads?
  7. dino

    Source for Carbon Rods?

    Wouldn’t a simple deflection test between the standard and the unproven sample provide at least a qualitative comparison?
  8. dino

    MotoBird - 2 seat aircraft with Rotax 503

    Why use a laminar flow airfoil on a fabric covered wing?
  9. dino

    Using a sprag/overrun clutch between the propeller & mounting flange

    Same experience as above with an Aventura amphib BMW power with overrun clutch.
  10. dino

    Rotary-wing Ultralight Aircraft

    Once you get it to jump it’s as complicated as a helicopter and still can’t hover
  11. dino

    Classic fuselage designe but in carbon fiber tubes?

    3D printing of connectors would be straightforward when designing in CAD. The lack of strength of short CF fibers would be compensated by increasing thickness or having the connector bond both internally and externally by designing connector with an annulus. Printing also offers possibility to...
  12. dino

    Wing construction aft of the spar

    Wood does not continuously absorb moisture. It alternately absorbs and exhausts vapour until it reaches equilibrium with surrounding environment. If kept out of the wet and possible condensation its longevity and strength is assured.
  13. dino

    SN8 flies - and lands with a bang

    Science aside, one hell of a show.
  14. dino

    Overhaul an old engine - needing suggestions

    Looks like a “ring spanner” should be used to loosen green arrow.
  15. dino

    The lack of portability ( hi hangar costs ) killed ULs imop

    Build a gyro plane. Easy to rig. Fits anywhere.
  16. dino

    Fisher Aria

    Looks like Giuseppe Vidor Asso
  17. dino

    Celera 500L (was: More Vaporware)

    Nice glide from 60,000' If it gets there.
  18. dino

    EU any recommended source of aircraft grade Al like 6061-T6 etc.

    6082 is sometimes more available than 6061 in Europe. It is my understanding that it can safely be used instead of 6061
  19. dino

    Mounting flexible solar panel on aluminum aircraft

    Mount it near trailing edge. Airfiol flatter, boundary layer thicker and maybe able to run wires through flap hinge gap.