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  1. robbvious

    Fisher Super Koala Plan Set + build videos on thumb drive

    As the title says. Changing direction and need to part with SK plan set #155. Plans never removed from shipping box, still rolled up in box. Includes Fisher build videos on a thumb drive. $350 shipped CONUS
  2. robbvious

    Cleaning a gunky engine...

    Anybody have a suggestion on what to use to close off all the inlets and outlets so that I can pressure wash my nasty Phazer engine?
  3. robbvious

    Converting Sail Cloth a/c to standard fabric covering?

    Hello all, first post here, be gentle. I recently acquired a T-Bird II and am not keen on the replacement cost of a complete sail set at nearly $3K. I'm trying to determine if it is possible to change the entire aircraft to a "standard" aircraft covering. The way I understand it, I can rivet...