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  1. DangerZone

    Drivetrain Power Loss

    There was a French short shaft homebuilt design driven by a Suzuki GSXR motorcycle engine and chain. The guy left the clutch inside the geared engine and used sprockets to achieve the final adjustment. Had more than 800 flying hours last time I've seen it. Bear in mind also that...
  2. DangerZone

    Ryson STP-1 Swallow

    Does anyone here have more info on the Ryson STP-1 Swallow which was built from a Schweizer 2-32 in the 1970s?
  3. DangerZone

    Anyone seen this KISS homebuilt airplane affordable method?

    Stumbled upon this on youtube... Yeah, I know, poor building skills and aircraftbuilding knowledge, looks awful, lacks the fun factor, but hey... Have you seen how simple he made it?
  4. DangerZone

    The most profitable option for a new propulsion system? (DEKAIR)

    Elon Musk said in an interview that humanity has achieved the best it can with reaction engines, that something else is needed for further space travel. He said there is need for a revolutionary propulsion system which would allow people to reach beyond Mars. So this is a way to analyze all...
  5. DangerZone


    Another good idea about how to reduce costs of reaching Space...
  6. DangerZone

    BlackFly, a nice KISS idea? :)

    No clue if anyone posted about this one before, but you gotta admire the ease and practicallity of the design. I just love this guy, he made a much better homebuilt aircraft than Airbus and all other big guys combined. This might even evolve to a new MOTA in the near future.
  7. DangerZone

    Houston Hurricane Harvey

    Hey guys, we've been watching the news about the Hurricane Harvey doing a lot of damage in the south of USA around Houston. I just wanted to express some hope that people over there will manage to stay safe and survive these hard times. Hopefully all HBA members from Houston/Texas are ok and...
  8. DangerZone

    Ramjet homebuilder spirit

    A Navy guy called Matt Walker built a ramjet missile with hobby rocket engines paid by credit card. We should really give credit to this guy for his good homebuilding spirit, and wishes to advance...
  9. DangerZone

    Coupled engines to single shaft

    A new coupled engine with a single shaft output called HT 422 has been shown at Aero Expo 2017 in Friedrichshafen. Each engine has 135HP, enough to continue flying the helicopter or aircraft if one engine quits. Both engines are coupled to a single shaft, and each can power the shaft...
  10. DangerZone

    Elon Musk and the idea of a supersonic VTOL electric aircraft

    After seeing the hypertube had too many engineering, practical and financial issues, Elon Musk has drifted to a new idea in the last year or so. This idea is a VTOL supersonic aircraft (which was popular from the 1960s onwards) but this time it is - electric: Is this a way to raise some...
  11. DangerZone

    STOL aircraft and profitable markets (Kitfox STI, Highlander Superstol, etc)

    It seems the recession has slowly caught up with certified aircraft manufacturers, many aren't doing too good lately. The famous Piper company seems to be laying off people, and their partnership with the Czech also went south. It could be due to some previous expensive jet-aircraft project...
  12. DangerZone

    Any new technology concerning flying boat amphibians with foldable fings..?

    A friend and I talked about the affordable flying boats that are available on the market. Many of them are weight shifting boats that were initially designed as flying trikes, and the most popular on the Adriatic Sea are the Polaris FIB and the Ramphos. The foldability of wings usually takes...
  13. DangerZone

    Available antiseptic fireproof wood impregnation treatments..?

    A friend from another European country has asked about wood protection when building composite parts bonded with epoxy. Since I use some local stuff there weren't many options I could recomend which might be ordered elsewhere or online. When I wrote 'fireproof' it actually means fire...
  14. DangerZone

    Best quality cork bark sources in Europe..?

    In research of a wooden composite high altitude aircraft project I am looking for best quality cork bark producers who would sell them as flat sheets/boards. A brief description of the cork bark as a material can be seen in the following videos:
  15. DangerZone

    High power high speed 90 degree angles sources..?

    Are there any new technology high power high speed 90 degree angles available cheaper than the standard helicopter ones..? I'm looking for the cheapest and lightest 90 degree angle available to buy which could transfer approximately 200HP of power to a prop hub at around 3000+ rpm. Used...
  16. DangerZone

    Successful Orion launch

    Some minutes ago Orion was successfully launched after yesterday's 24h delay. This is worth congratulating and is indeed a great accomplishment. However, it seems the media report about a mission to Mars even though this module has no such capability, it can hold people inside for three weeks...
  17. DangerZone

    Supragility and super agility aircraft

    Asuming that most people know about supermaneuverability of some modern jet fighters, I wondered if there might be some information about supragility aircraft on the internet available? Supermaneuverability relates to aircraft which maintain control and manoeuvering ability in exceeding what is...
  18. DangerZone

    Interstellar - or planetar aircraft

    There seems to be some hype lately about Nolan's last movie Interstellar which shows an aircraft capable of reaching orbit and docking to a space station. It has a Space-Shuttle-like re-entry flying mode without wings and seems to be working on rocket power. Ok, it's a SF movie, yet we can...
  19. DangerZone

    That heavy engine ...

    Moderator Note: This thread was forked off from the Is electric propulsion worth it? thread, starting about here: End Note ----------------------------------...
  20. DangerZone

    Improving fog&darkness visibility with a good lens short wave IR camera..?

    Has anyone installed some good lens IR camera for those days when unexpectedly coming back home into clouded and foggy terrain so landing would be easier? You know, the sky goes pitch black and the fog doesn't help either. You still got some 45 minutes of fuel but the visibility doesn't get any...