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    Van's announces highwing RV-15 High wing, More than one seat Backcountry capable, Total performance Hopefully more will come out in the next few months.....................
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    Terrafugia get FAA SLSA certificate

    I did not see this posted anywhere on HBA so here you go......
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    GA aircraft with Tail mounted propeller

    The configuration I am describing is that of the seawind but smaller like the Eurocopter with an engine instead of the electric motor. There are many examples with electric motor: IFB-Stuttgart E-Genius - Wikipedia Sunseeker: SUNSEEKER DUO - Solar Flight Windex: Radab Windex - Wikipedia...
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    Bearhawk5, six seater from Bob

    Did someone mention this already: Bearhawk Introduces Six-Seat Homebuilt - AVweb Flew early this month.
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    Steve Henry's 2.5' take-off

    A combination of Steve as a pilot, Highlander as a STOL bird and lightweight (<200lbs) 300Hp+ Yamaha = 2.5' take off.
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    Pegasus flying car/helicopter at CES 2020

    Didnt see this mentioned on HBA yet!! prototype video: CAD Rendering: Display at CES2020:
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    Help Promote Electric Aviation Help Promote Electric Aviation by DEAN SIGLER on 12/16/2019 Beth Stanton, an aerobatic pilot and superb writer (you can read her articles in Sport Aviation), shares the following action item. Readers are invited to comment to the FAA...
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    Electrolite Electric Ultralight To Offer Remote Piloting

    I did not see this talked about yet. Electric Zigolo with, auto landing..... remote piloting... jettisonable battery pod... BRS.... and yes, I have no clue about the costs
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    Thatcher CX7- All metal, plans build, side by side

    Okay so it is ready for flight and came out ~45 lbs more than the CX5 so about ~765 lbs empty with the Revmaster 85 hp engine. I dont know why the firewall is so much forward from the pedals...
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    Kitty Hawk reveals Heaviside, its latest flying vehicle

    At least they are not calling it a flying car!! The third installment of EVTOL. More from Thrun, " We’ll have self-flying cars before self-driving cars"...
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    New two seater jet aircraft from Sonex Sonex Aircraft is pleased to announce the development of a 2-place variant of the popular SubSonex Personal Jet! SubSonex JSX-2T is designed to be the lowest cost jet trainer ever! It will be a perfect trainer for the single-place JSX-2, and for those who...
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    Ampaire 337- largest hybrid to date takes flight
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    Goodyear propeller tires/wheels for flying car Reminds me of this and this.
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    2+2 seater Thorp T-18

    Just saw the ad on Barnstormers for 2+2 seater T-18. Were the plans ever offered?
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    Issues with Pylon mounted pod & boom design

    I like the simplicity & light weight of pod and boom aircraft like Kolb. A little modification gets you to DAR solo; a bit more gets you Elitar Sigma. To improve & simplify further why not build the entire aircraft around a boom and hang a passenger pod 30" below using a pylon giving you ample...
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    Greg Cole's side by side Electric motorglider design-Goshawk

    I knew Windward is working on a 2 seater for sometime and saw the picture of the partial prototype on their website today: Some more info here: and here...
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    Distributed Electric propulsion Concept

    Read this on the Cafe blog and did not see it mention here so posting links:
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    List of two week to Taxi assembly houses

    I have a long list of why I like the Sportsman 2+2 and the "Two week to Taxi" is right up on top of the list(except the cost ~$200k). Glasair Now Zenith has a similar program for most of its aircrafts ~ $100k Two-Week Wonder! - Zenair Ltd. Some Euro gyros have it even better at least in the US...
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    Door to door transportation....

    At CES 2016: This supersized drone will fly you to work (or anywhere) Man carrying drone... 260 lbs+ AC+ lights+ 23 minute flight time..... Evolo, now this.... Drones are coming!!:nervous:
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    89HP Rotax 4 stroke ATV engine

    I saw my neighbor load his new Polaris RZR UTV in his trailer and started talking about the engine. He told me about 89HP Rotax twin in Can-am outlander his friend has. He said that the engine and CVT only weigh about 200lb total. I had no idea that ATV engines are in that HP:ponder: I started...