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  1. piperpilot1363

    Yaesu ft230 handheld

    Hey everyone, i was was wondering if anyone had any experience with any Yaesu radio products? I haven't been able to find enough information from buyer reviews to make an informed desicion between Yaesu and Icom products, so any thoughts are welcome. I need a handheld for my primary comms in a...
  2. piperpilot1363

    A-65 taper shaft

    Good evening folks, I am looking for a low time a-65 taper shaft in running condition for a Luscombe 8A some where in the northeastern USA or thereabouts. At the very least I am trying to find some serviceable cylinders! Any help or leads would be great, thank you.
  3. piperpilot1363

    Luscombe 8A Questions

    Good Evening Everyone, So I've got my eye on a Luscombe 8A. I'm planning on looking it over and was wondering if anyone had any experience or pointers for common problems. This one is setup with the stock C-65 (~1500 hr SMOH, but sale comes with a 400 hr spare), Cleveland brakes, ragwings...
  4. piperpilot1363

    Orginal Panels: How far would you go to save

    Good Evening All, Quick question about using original parts (Sheet metal). If you had the choice of spending 12-20 hours reworking an original panel or 2-4 hour fabricating a new one for an 80 year old airframe, which would you do? I thought the answer was easy but after talking with some...
  5. piperpilot1363

    American Eaglet Primer Question

    Good Afternoon Folks, I was wondering if any one was familiar with the Stits EP-420 primer system? I am planning on using it for my fuselage tube frame (American Eaglet B-31) and I'm not sure how much I should pick up? I think a quart will do, there is a fair amount of catalysis involved...
  6. piperpilot1363

    Help! Wooden Spar Repair

    Hey Guys, So I know you can repair cracked and broken spars, but can you repair a spar with a spot of dry rot on it? I've been browsing the regs and can't find anyone who has or any guidance on the subject. Basically, the Eaglet has a 1.5" by 4" spot of dry rot on the aft spar, left wing, next...
  7. piperpilot1363

    Buying Fabric...

    Good Evening All, So I'm beginning to shop for certified fabrics and I naturally gravitated towards Polyfiber. Are there any other major fabric systems you might recommend or suggest that can be used on a certified airframe? I'm curious about any serious advantages to other systems that I...
  8. piperpilot1363

    Light Aircraft Structures Articles

    Good Evening Chaps, I am currently seeking articles specific to light aircraft or ultralight aircraft structures design. Does anyone have anything similar to the Chris Heitez's (probably botched that spelling) articles or any materials related to this topic? Thanks! Cheers Andrew
  9. piperpilot1363

    To buy or not to buy: MX-2

    Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, So I have an opportunity to purchase a early 1980 Quicksilver MX-2 project, asking price 1500. The project comes with brand new sails, engine, and all the components. Problem areas I identified were: set up for 1 seat, no N-number, no logs, no times. Has...
  10. piperpilot1363

    Orginal vs Practical: Old Engines

    Good Morning Everyone, So, in regards to the American Eaglet project I'm working on, I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not to stick with the original 45 hp Szekely engine or switch it out for a more modern c-65. The szekely engines had a bad reputation for cracking cylinder heads...
  11. piperpilot1363

    Tearing Apart wood wings... tips for getting those pesky nails out: American Eaglet

    Good Evening, So we removed the left wing fabric and its a bloody mess under there. I need to build 7 new ribs and possible replace the rear spar due to rot (TBD). If I were to guess I'd say that there is about 300 nails that need removing... any tips on getting those apart without...
  12. piperpilot1363

    American Eaglet Restoration... Oh boy this sucks

    Hey everyone, So I finally got around to getting the eaglet all settled and started working on it. I figured out the problem with the engine (other than neglect and a stuck valve). Turns out she stopped flying after her restoration in 1987 because she blew a hole in the block. Whoever put...
  13. piperpilot1363

    1931 American Eaglet Restoration Thread

    Good Evening all, As some of you may know I recently aquired a 1931 American Lincoln Eaglet in remarkable condition. The project had been in storage since 1994 and suffered from some hanger rash and moving damage. Currently the Eaglet is half way home pending reworking the garage/ workshop...
  14. piperpilot1363

    Moving 1929 American Eaglet

    Hello all, I recently acquired a 1929 American Eaglet project in remarkable condition. I need to transport it 58 miles on an open 20 foot trailer. I need to build some sort of cradle to secure the wings. Does anyone have any pictures or tips for transporting aircraft wings or aircraft in...
  15. piperpilot1363

    Short Wing Breezy

    Hello Everyone, Just got to thinking, could it be done? Bent up tripacer and colt projects can be picked up for next to nothing, and you also get flaps. I've seen homebuilt cubs with this combo, do you think it could work with the Breezy? V/r, Andrew
  16. piperpilot1363

    Affordable Classic Homebuilt Information Thread

    Hello, So I was hoping to throw out a few homebuilt aircraft names that show up from time to time as "steals" on all our favorite aviation sites. I am hoping member can share their experiences and thoughts on the designs. I'm also hoping for information of handling, safety, practicality...
  17. piperpilot1363

    Electric Bug armchair ultralight

    So hypothetically speaking, would it be possible to take something like, ey I don't know, the Bug 4 ultralight glider and mount twin electric motors powered by a combination of solar power (Mylar covered top wing with light weight flexible solar panels mounted within the wing (is that even a...
  18. piperpilot1363

    Return of the Airbike?

    Hey everyone, I came across this and it appears as if some gentleman is trying to reverse/re-engineer the airbike, adding features such as a folding wing and tri gear to the design:ban::ban::ban:. I was wondering if anyone else heard about this, and where this project has gone. I'd certainly...
  19. piperpilot1363

    Aerospace Engineering Schools

    Hello everyone, I am begining the process of college selection and I'm seeking any advise you might be able to send my way in reference to schools that offer good aerospace engineering programs. I know amount Embry Riddle and the academies, but I was hoping that you may be able to direct...
  20. piperpilot1363

    Plans Built Backpack PPCs

    Hello all, I'm just interested in possibly building a simple backpack PPC. I come from a backround with a cherokee six and cessna 150, so I don't know much about these. My main concerns are cost based. How much does a chute cost? It seems like it varies everywhere from $2k to $5k. Can you use...