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  1. Lucrum

    Grand Rapids vs Dynon Avionics

    I'm interested in experience based opinions on Grand Rapids vs Dynon avionics in general and EFIS panels in particular.
  2. Lucrum

    Landing Gear Drag Coefficients

    Anyone have some typical retractable gear, in the extended configuration, drag coefficients lying around? I've drawn a near blank in my search. I have tried combining readily available Cd's of various shapes to come up with an estimate. But the results seem too high to be accurate.
  3. Lucrum


    Anyone happen to have the dimensions / specifications of the AND20000 vacuum drive pads? My Google searches have yielded a big zero
  4. Lucrum

    Various engine instruments

    UMA 1 1/2" water pressure 0 - 30 psi UMA 1 1/2" water temp 100 - 300 deg F UMA 1 1/2" fuel pressure 0 - 80 psi UMA 1 1/2" oil pressure 0 - 150 psi all 2 - 28 volts DC Newsouth (automobile) 2" EGT 600 - 2200 deg F Newsouth manifold pressure 30" mercury - 25 psi Autometer brand 2" tachometer...
  5. Lucrum

    Personal TIG Welding Instruction

    I signed up for the EAA TIG workshop this weekend in Griffin, GA Yesterday EAA calls me and says, "Oh BTW did you know you're number two on the wait list?" My travel/work schedule make it tough to sign up for the next one so far in advance. I've looked into local colleges but cannot find any...
  6. Lucrum

    Wanted: Fuel Flow Gauge

    Anyone aware of any aircraft that uses/used a fuel flow gauge with a range of 100 to 1000 lbs per hour? Or of course any manufacturer that makes one?
  7. Lucrum

    Complete Mazda 3 rotor 20B engine and accesories

    I've decided to scrub the ducted fan idea and convert a GE T58 turbo shaft engine into a direct thrust engine instead. Consequently I'd like to sell my 20B engine, preferably as a complete package with accessories and numerous engine instruments. Most aircraft grade quality. Serial number of the...
  8. Lucrum

    V Tail Bonanza ruddervator control mixer diagram

    Anyone have a copy or photo of a 35 Bonanza elevator/rudder flight control mixer diagram from a maintenance or parts catalog maybe they could post or email me? Thanks
  9. Lucrum

    Roller Chain Links

    Anyone know where to find roller chain links that are twisted 90 degrees, thus allowing one sprocket to rotate in a vertical plane and the other in a horizontal plane?
  10. Lucrum

    Jay's Mazda 20B Engine Rebuild and Fan Test for Possible One-Off DF Design

    At Jake's suggestion I'm going to chronicle my Mazda 20B engine rebuild, some of which having already been posted elsewhere on the site, as well as the test stand testing of an engine/fan/shaft combination for possible use in a DF of my own design. Background I've been intrigued by the idea...
  11. Lucrum

    Shunt Wiring

    How are you guys wiring your shunt/ammeter? A)To monitor alternator current B)to monitor battery charge C)connected as a load meter
  12. Lucrum

    New Turbocharger

    New never used CXRacing Turbocharger. I just figured out I didn't do a very good job of matching the turbo compressor map to my application. Includes 3" Turbo V-Band Clamp & Downpipe Flange and T4 turbo Manifold flange Divided Center. I have $697 tied up in it. While I will consider any serious...
  13. Lucrum

    Weighing an Engine

    Couldn't find what I was looking for in a search. Are there any simple/inexpensive methods for weighing an engine. I'm anticipating 425 - 450 LBS. My first thought was to buy a spring scale and weigh while the engine is hanging from the hoist. But I hate to spend $250 - $500 for a scale...
  14. Lucrum

    MIT Open Course Ware

    YouTube - MIT's Channel Free Online Course Materials | Courses | MIT OpenCourseWare I just ran across this last night but I thought some maybe interested. Especially some of the armchair engineer wannabe's, like me. There's no credit for the classes and worse no access to faculty, but is is...
  15. Lucrum

    TurbX Just once I wish one of these new too good to be true power plants would make it into production.
  16. Lucrum

    Brayton Cycle Rotary? Looking at the Brayton Cycle Star Rotor in the link above I had a thought. Would that same idea be workable with a modified Wankel rotary? Just thinking out loud, use one rotor as a dedicated compressor and the other rotor as a...
  17. Lucrum

    Long Time Wanna be Builder/Designer

    Got interested in flying while in the second grade. I've been a corporate pilot since the early 80's. Since before then I've been interested in designing and or building a homebuilt. I studied several books years ago. Theory of Wing Sections, Modern Aircraft Design, Design of the Airplane...