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    Look out below! New builder on the block.

    Both of those good ideas. Van's actually sells a toolbox kit for people to start out with: Toolbox Kit
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    50 years without complete overhaul

    Can't speak to a Jodel, but regarding a 50 year old engine, I am flying one. The engine in my RV was built in 1960, never been overhauled. Did spend between 1985 and 2015 or so pickled in a hangar in Arizona. Had a A&P look at it before I bought it in 2005, took a while to finish my plane...
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    It doesn't necessarily need to be all that expensive. These have the image focused at infinity, and don't cost all that much: Company Seven | Telrad, Inc. Telrad Sight for Telescopes. Bulky and just a fixed reticle instead of a changing screen, but somebody who knows optics could probably...
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    replica's other than p-51 p-40

    For those of us interested in WWII Japanese aviation, Scale Bird Scott's P-36 wouldn't need many changes to make a great Ki-43 Hayabusa. Compare P-36 3-view to Ki-43 3-view. The wing planiform is pretty much the same. Drop the "fastback" fuselage down and put a bubble canopy on it and you'd...
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    My Safety Concerns About Bubble Canopies

    I did rig my canopy to be jettisonable, but as noted above don't think it is a good idea to do so before a forced landing. Have that option for bailing out. (Also it might take out the vertical stab on the way, so not something to do unless you're jumping out anyway). What I did do is to...
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    Experimental (ELSA / E-AB) No Longer Allowed for Flight Training??

    Mine came about 1 hour after I sent the email. (to receive instruction in my RV-8A).
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    What makes Cessna 172 so stable?

    Sounds like the "Ballmer peak".
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    Mike Patey - Scrappy's Wing

    Didn't see any outside shots showing the mountains in the latest videos, but back when he was doing some taxi around you could tell about when it was by how much snow was left. Was only a week or two before he posted it.
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    21st century Volksplane?

    It would be very heavy. About half the grain would be running the wrong way. I've wondered if an engineered beam like Laminated Veneer Lumber or an I-joist or something could be used. They are certified to take a certain bending load. Don't know if they use glues that are up to aircraft...
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    21st century Volksplane?

    My thought for an easy to build wing is CNC foam ribs with a thin plywood skin. Doesn't take much CNC to cut foam. Spar could be wood or composite (composite would probably be cheaper and lighter given the cost of wood today). Make the spars, CNC out the ribs, glue the ribs to the spar and...
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    My Flycycle - barely more than a sketch

    Enjoying this thread, have spent a lot of time doing similar calcs. Just looking at your tails sizes as you list them so far, calculated your tail volumes per How big the tail. For your sizes so far as I understand them: Sw=130 Sv=16.7 Sh=23.2 L=12 MAC=6.5 From this, calculate a span of 20...
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    Looking for best way to level airplane.

    A mercury barometer has a vacuum at one end and the other exposed to the atmosphere. A water tube level has both ends exposed.
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    automotive paints, anyone?

    I used a single stage urethane on my RV, had to go get an empty can from the garage to see what kind, "Limco Supreme Plus". Was recommended by a co-worker who had rebuilt and repainted a couple of cars. Available locally so I could just go buy some when I needed more. Looks pretty good in...
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    Easy-to-build steerable nosewheel?

    Lots of the RV guys do that. Here's a commercial example: The Lip Skid Not enough data on installed examples vs. accidents to know if it helps or not.
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    my part 103 ultralight build -thread

    Swing is the wing area. The math looks correct. You're getting a large area out of the formula because your tail is kinda short.
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    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    Looks about the same as many shoulder wing racers. So, visibility not good, but people do fly them. Down and to the sides would be great! I think that in any design where you are doing something novel with control and stability should have an RC model first as a proof of concept. Or at...
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    A few flights back, when preflighting found this little problem: Tire must have been low and on landing hit the side of the pants. You can see it is a bit low here, remember checking that it looked fine before flight. So, took it off and brought it home, it sat in the garage for a couple of...
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    I did do the "stick rap" method at Vne, but not Vd. And that at 10,000' with a parachute.
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    Chinese v-twin diesel.

    Spending a lot of time fooling around with one in the kitchen when cooking I think the observation period is 0.25 seconds or so. I would expect to get an average of the blocked and exposed period over that range.
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    Problems Moving Throttle Quad - Extending Cable and Adding Curves?

    The trick is going to be where it goes thru the "gear towers". The quadrant is pretty close to that. If you move it over far enough that it goes to the side of the tower instead of thru it you should have no problems other than hitting the cables with your legs. Might also mean moving where...