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  1. BoeveP51

    Almost Complete FWF Ford V6 3.8L with Northwest Aero Drive IvoProp Magnum

    "Almost complete" means no engine mount included. This engine setup was just removed from a Wittman Tailwind. The reduction unit is a 1.7:1 ratio. Engine was completely rebuilt and balanced. The whole assembly has about 4-5 hours run time in taxi tests only. The prop is the IvoProp Magnum with...
  2. BoeveP51

    Avionics Ramp Tester/Bench tester

    I get a lot of questions from A/C owners regarding their avionics and have always had difficulty in analyzing a problem without adequate test equipment. I hated carrying around large packages and trying to find power on a ramp. How to solve this issue.... I recently ran across this tester in my...
  3. BoeveP51

    FLY-IN Love Field 97FL

    Just came back from the fly-in at 97FL. All I can say is that the folks who didn't show up will be sorry! The crowd at last count was approaching 400 people (personal estimate) and planes were lined up from one end of the runway to the other. No chaos, people were very friendly and the food...
  4. BoeveP51

    NH aviation Home NH69 Windsock Village

    I have my home on the market. Windsock Aviation community in NH (NH69). Check out the link for details. 5 Skyhawk Dr, West Ossipee, NH 03890 | Zillow Merle
  5. BoeveP51

    Carbon fiber repair techniques

    Does anyone have some links, etc for carbon fiber repair techniques? I have found a lot of design discussions but nothing regarding repair on this forum. Will try Google but thought this forum would be a good start. Merle
  6. BoeveP51

    How do you calculate push-pull forces for an elevator?

    I am considering a change to my elevator push-pull tube. Due to some serious obstacles I need to consider using cables for the push-pull function on my elevator. To match up the proper cable sizing/end connectors, etc I need to calculate the push-pull forces. Now the question is whether the...
  7. BoeveP51

    Airflow Performance Fuel Controller FM-200

    I have a never used FM-200 fuel controller for a small block Chevy. The unit is built on an Edelbrock intake manifold model # 2975. This fits any 262 - 400 CID small block V8. I have the original installation and service manual which goes with this unit. Airflow manufactures one of the best...
  8. BoeveP51

    Incorporating shock absorber into spring only landing gear

    Been giving this a lot of thought lately. I would like to add a shock absorber into my gear, which is spring only at the moment. I tried searching and the thought has come up before but no conclusive answers. I guess sizing is the biggest issue. I have a 3" steel tube (OD), spring is 2.5" OD...
  9. BoeveP51

    Beading Tool for 1.25" AU tubing

    Looking for a used beading tool. Need to make up some radiator inlet outlet tubes but don't want to spend the megabucks for the beading tools currently being sold. Anyone have something they no longer use?? Sizing of tube is 1.25" aluminum
  10. BoeveP51

    home Builders in Lima, Peru?

    Visiting in Lima until Dec 4, any homebuilders in the area? Staying with my daughter in Miraflores district. Merle
  11. BoeveP51

    Geschwender PSRU

    I am selling my Geschwender PSRU. $6K, Setup for Chevy SB. ratio 1.98:1, AS880 hub, constant speed option. This unit has never been run. One of the very last units that Fred made before passing. It also has the adapter for the Chevy flywheel. There are photos posted on the SAL Mustang group in...
  12. BoeveP51

    Retract Landing Gear and Shock Abs.

    I currently have a retract gear assembly built from the Jurca plans for my P51. This uses a coiled spring to load the system. I was wondering if anyone has incorporated a shock absorber within a spring loaded gear to assist in the smoothing out of bumps, etc as in a car? Any thoughts or...
  13. BoeveP51

    Carbon fiber repairs

    Recently purchased a partially completed carbon wing and the previous builder messed up a couple of places. I need to remove some hinge attachments/ribs and reposition correctly. Wing is carbon fiber and all attachments with Hysol 9434. Anyone ever work with this and whether it can be...
  14. BoeveP51

    New guy from New Hampshire

    Just wanted to intro myself. Now retired and living full time in NH. Live at Windsock Village which is an aviation community in West Ossipee. Did live in FL before retirement and lived at Pilot Country Estates, North of Tampa. Have the hangar in the back yard with my project. I have been...