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  1. Doran Jaffas

    Basic Configuration for a "Safe" airplane

    Granted I don't have much experience in the Ercoupe. Only about a 1000 miles in one when I was asked to fly 1 back from out of state for someone who just purchased it. My 1st 3 landings were in 18 kt crosswinds. In that 1000 miles I grew to truly enjoy that little airplane and how it landed...
  2. Doran Jaffas

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    It's not so much on my airplane but for my airplane.. Then driving a 140 miles 1 way every weekend since the middle of July to work on my hangar at a place I bought up in Lake City, Michigan. It is now 80% or so complete. That's including all of the structure. It is open ended for now and I...
  3. Doran Jaffas

    Sunglass Lenses ?

    I'm of neither preference. I usually use non polarized but if using polarized I can just look over the top of them to see my cell phone GPS or ADSB in.
  4. Doran Jaffas

    The small Continental thread

    I have the 0 200 and my Tailwind. One thing I've learned is the exhaust valve guide on number 3 cylinder tends to wear. Nothing serious but shouldn't happen. Still flying it but will get it taken care of. Other than that it performs very well with a Prince Tip 68 x 49. Doran
  5. Doran Jaffas

    LPA is history

    Yep,,,sure. Maybe I'm too passionate about aviation and protective of the image that gets put out there but if this forum is going to allow unnecessary drama and bickering than I'm out. I am an aviator of some decades now and still grin every time I open the hangar door. Are there...
  6. Doran Jaffas

    Fraudulent License?

    This type of thread belongs on Facebook or some other drama powered social club. NOT on a forum claiming to be about furthering the cause of aviation.
  7. Doran Jaffas

    LPA is history

    Another thread that needs to be on a forum other than this one.
  8. Doran Jaffas

    Fraudulent License?

    Time to shut this thread down I think Mr. or Ms. Moderator. Imagine someone new to aviation reading these.
  9. Doran Jaffas

    Polliwagen Elevator Question

    He may have already answered you on here because I did not read all the replies but I know someone that is building 1. Contact me if you will like and I will put you in touch with him
  10. Doran Jaffas

    Hangar building

    Just started putting together my oversized carport so to speak for my airplane Shelter at Lake City airport in Michigan. A 32 by 28' Versa Tube structure. A lot of screws! I should point what they don't tell you is the sore muscles you'll have after only a few hours lol. Looking forward to...
  11. Doran Jaffas

    Tandem wings (Yes, again.... Sorry!)

    I would consider selling my Tailwind for aQ 200. Don't tell my airplane I said that.
  12. Doran Jaffas

    PM Spamming

    I have been getting those ridiculous spams on my Gmail. Just delete them and black them.
  13. Doran Jaffas

    New propeller

    You can reply offline at the Gmail address below. [email protected]
  14. Doran Jaffas

    New propeller

    If anybody's interested let me know. Have it stored in the original shipping container.
  15. Doran Jaffas

    New propeller

    I agree with you there. I would like to see a standard set for pitch. Wouldn't be that hard. So many inches from the hub tapering out to the blade at length. Not sure what a 68x64 pitch would be in something else. I spoke with Continental and they said running the Continental 0-200 at 3,000 RPM...
  16. Doran Jaffas

    Flight Training, Flight Safety.

    And the safety aspect of things I would argue that the most left out part of the conversation is the term common sense. There are a lot of people capable of controlling an airplane safely but the problem is there are a lot of people that do not have the head or rather use the head that is...
  17. Doran Jaffas

    Flight Training, Flight Safety.

    Richard Bach once said "anywhere is okay"when flying. On a clear day you can not only see heaven, we participate in it.
  18. Doran Jaffas

    New propeller

    I want to make sure something is understood. The Sterba prop is a beautiful propeller. Just in the end I decided that climb was more important than a few miles per hour. 108 horsepower in my Tailwind does very well performance wise without the extra pitch in the propeller. Comparing them both...
  19. Doran Jaffas

    New propeller

    I am trying to remember what that was. I'm sure it was a used prop. I had a new prop manufactured by Ed Sterba. Had it repitched and trimmed. It is now a 66 and a half by 59. It worked the way it was supposed to I guess. RPM went up to 2700 and I gained about 5 mph in top speed but I lost 400 ft...