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    Rag Wing RW-2 Project/Parts Package/Plans

    Mar 17, 2018 Add bookmark #1 RW-2 "Special" Project/Parts/Plans package. The RW-2 is the "replica" of a Pitts. I've gone back to other hobbies so my work will save you a lot of work. This project was started and parts built with it being an ultralight in mind. All construction (gluing) was...
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    MiniMAX Headrest

    Well, almost free. Give me $5 for the bother of packaging this up and pay for shipping and this miniMAX fiberglass headrest is yours. Measures about 35" long, 10 1/2" tall and about 9" wide. It came off of a damaged MiniMAX that I parted out. Fiberglass is good, no cracks. Lynn (573) 788-2574
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    MiniMAX 1100R w/277 Rotax

    I really enjoyed building my MiniMAX. It's basically a 1100 fuselage but being weight conscious and wanting to make legal ultraligh weight, I got the "go ahead" from David at MiniMAX and built the wings to the 1030 plan. Engine is a 277 Rotax with belt reduction and is running a GSC adjustable...
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    Kitfox II

    For sale Kitfox II, fresh annual inspection (6/20/19), about 80 hours on 582 Rotax overhaul. Call for more information. Location is Southeast Missouri. Lynn (573) 788-2574 $11,900 and fly it home.
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    Hummel Ultracruiser Project/Parts

    I somewhat reluctantly offer the parts I have completed to build a Hummel Ultracruiser, but I realize I'll probably never finish it. I have all bulkheads made and the MDF form blocks are included. All stick-built rib parts are cut. Misc small brackets and tail ribs are built/formed. 6 - 4'X 4'...
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    32 HP 1/2 VW - Unassembled

    Mostly new parts and ready to assemble. Bought for a project and lost most of my enthusiasm for aviation. $1600.00 plus shipping. Lynn Winter (573) 788-2574
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    Rag Wing RW-2 "Special" Project Components

    I have a pretty good start on a RW-2 "Special" which is the "replica" of a Pitts. I guess I just lost my enthusiasm for the project and perhaps even ultralights. This project was started and parts built with it being an ultralight in mind. All construction (gluing) was done with T-88 epoxy...
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    Gluing A Lamination

    I'm working on building a RW-2 biplane in my nice warm basement during these cold days. In constructing the tail leading and trailing edge it requires a 6 layer lamination of 3/4" X 1/8" strips that are then rounded to a "D" profile after gluing them up around form blocks. It makes me cringe to...
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    Wingspan Variation Effect

    I'm currently back "ON" with my on-again/off-again Hummel Ultracruiser project. I'm about to start assembling wing ribs and have to decide whether to build the original 25' wingspan or the short-wing and probably more popular 22.5' wingspan. Both wingspans are "approved" by Hummel. My question...
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    Coolant for 582 Rotax

    I am a 1/2 owner of a Kitfox II that has a 582 Rotax. I don't remember the source of info, but I felt confident we were OK when we used Prestone "green" antifreeze after we bought the neglected plane and had the engine rebuilt. We did that along with a lot of other checking and maintenance...
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    Exciting Morning

    Here's how my morning started, being at the airport early for a flying lesson in the Kitfox that I own 50/50 with a friend. I'm the fellow in the right seat being interviewed in the TV report. We were about 80-100 feet from where the RV (not the airplane variety) crashed through the airport...
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    Fisher FP-101 Plans

    About 2 months ago I acquired a partially completed FP-303 project plane. I've had it for sale and have had a lot of inquiries, but no buyer yet. It remains for sale, either all or parts, but I keep considering completing it in...
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    Stinson 108 Wheel Pants

    I recently bought a project plane that came from an estate sale. Part of what the gentleman had accumulated is a pair of Stinson 108 wheel pants. The wheel pants are in what I'd call fair to good condition and have some shallow ripples. There are a couple cracks along the bottom, but I'd think...
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    Fitting Material Choices

    Looking at plans and am considering building another wood plane. Depending on the "version", experimental or ultralight, the wing attach fittings, etc. are spec'd as 1" X .090" for 4130 steel (experimental) or 3/4" X 3/16 for 2024-T4 aluminum (ultralight). I got looking at the material...
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    FP-303 Project or Parts

    I bought this Fisher FP-303 partially built project recently. It was going to be destroyed if it wasn't "saved", so now I'm deciding what to do with it. Here's at least a partial bullet list of what's mostly built, patially built, and included. -FP-303 fuselage mostly built, but will need...
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    Aircraft Maintence Humor

    A friend sent this in an e-mail. I thought it was funny enough to pass along. I guess "Hangar Flying" might be an appropriate place for something like this? Lynn (I realized I mis-spelled "maintenance" in the title after I posted, but don't know how to correct it. Help?) After every...
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    Gusset Size

    Looking at various wood airplane plans I have, I began wondering about the size of gussets necessary where two or more "sticks" intersect. Is there some guideline like 150% of the size of the parts being joined? Example; If joining two 1/2" X 1/2" pieces in a 90 degree "T" joint, should the...
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    Compression vs Tension?

    On various plans I've looked at that use truss construction (4130 fuselage rear section for example), it seems the tendency is to design most diagonal bracing to be in compression rather than tension, providing I'm correctly seeing the direction of potential loads. In doing some simple math (all...
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    Hummel Ultracruiser Considerations

    I have made a couple "false starts" on building a Hummel Ultracruiser, but have somehow switched to building something else on a couple occasions. Though the first couple starts I have actually built a fair number of parts including formed bulkheads, control surface ribs, nearly all the parts to...
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    Biplane Forum

    Is anyone here also a follower of the Biplane Forum The Biplane Forum - Powered by vBulletin ? I've recently become interested in the RagWing RW2 Special biplane and have been trying to find out more about building one, impressions about ones that are flying, etc. Well I had tried to...