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    how is double ender going now?

    A good combination is a ICE upfront and an electric motor at the back. Use electric for STOL and emergency only to keep the battery weight low making the electric pusher config very lightweight. Also, charge the battery through the ICE alternator during cruise. Best of both worlds!!
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    How about adding an electric inwheel motor to the landing gear?. Yes, it adds weight (10-15lbs max) but allows to leverage the battery of the FES system or any other electric powerplant for self launch!
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    New Sonex High Wing Design

    Based on the drawing above , it has a yoke!
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    New Sonex High Wing Design

    From the website: Can the Sonex High Wing be transported on a trailer? Yes. The Sonex High Wing features removeable outboard wing panels, similar to the SubSonex, with a fixed inboard wing section. Max width of the aircraft with outboard wings removed is 89-5/8” allowing the high wing Quick...
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    Van's announces highwing RV-15

    Anyone knows what happened to the Murphy radical?
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    Van's announces highwing RV-15

    VB, you basically defined the problem statement: Where is an all metal 4 place bushplane that can stall at 40/45mph, cruise at 160/175mph, has control harmony of RVs, and a kit akin to RV12/14 with Vans & VAF support? Also something that will fit in the new LSA/LPA rule! None of the Sportsman...
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    Electric Hybrid

    Joby Completes Flight of More Than 150 Miles with Electric Vertical Take-Off Air Taxi: Joby Begins Journey to Becoming First eVTOL Airline:
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    Van's announces highwing RV-15

    The LSA envelope change is not that far and a 2+2 or 4 seat backcountry plane that will fit in that design envelope and cruise at 150-170mph wont compete against in-house RV10/RV14 either.
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    Van's announces highwing RV-15 High wing, More than one seat Backcountry capable, Total performance Hopefully more will come out in the next few months.....................
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    Terrafugia get FAA SLSA certificate

    I did not see this posted anywhere on HBA so here you go......
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    Inexpensive solo cross-country machines?

    Chip, welcome to HBA. Merlin is a great offering for UL. Do you also plan on bringing the two seater from tech pro aviation to the US?
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    Cantilever high wing examples

    Radu Berceanu, Avi from Romania.......... swan 120 ..........both cantilevered high wing with removable tailboom & feathers............ and the electric swan Swan E115-22 and the (non cantilever) newer swan 240/270/300 (weight in KG)...... folding...
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    Spaceship 2 amphibian

    Copied from facebook............That thing is a campervan replacement ☺
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    Yeat Another Twin Boom Pusher the General Aircraft G.A.L. 33 Cagnet

    American Patriot II....................anyone knows what happened to the company and the plane?
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    I've built a couple of fun electric airplanes, happy to answer questions.

    Gabe, welcome to HBA. I would like to know more about your install and request more complete specs of the FWF on the Xenos: Weight of Motor, Motor dimensions Weight of the single battery module Battery module dimensions How many battery modules were used Are these replaceable like the FX/FXS...
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    VH-SRS 170 knot Sonerai II

    how wide is the cabin? OP posted "RV10" but that is sure a typo as sonerai is tandem.
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    Why not roadable aircraft

    Henry, I was referencing the wing attachment to the fuselage show below. Are there better images or line drawings to look at this?
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    Why not roadable aircraft

    Looking at Henry's reply they are both freewings....confused 😟😟
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    Why not roadable aircraft

    What a clean and simple design on the Aster X III..... How is the wing connected without any struts and there seems to be a shaft extension just by looking at the prop location! This should be added to single tube fuselage thread.
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    The birds of Techproaviation

    Specs for the Muska, performance, engine choices, kit availability etc.... Is there a webpage?