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  1. Norman

    Low ressolution attachments

    Ever since the site upgrade .PNG attachments have displayed with muddy colors and the text is fuzzy. The file size is also much larger than the original. I just uploaded a .PNG screen shot that is 54.4KB on my computer but 204.6 on the forum. The LZ compression that .PNG uses is already one...
  2. Norman

    Plexiglass delaminating from fiberglass

    We're laying up the canopy for the U-2 and just got the outer layer of the FRP surround with the acrylic bubble off the plug Friday. When we turned it upside down we saw that the carbon fiber surround has already delaminated from the plexiglass in several spots. The plexiglass was clean and...
  3. Norman

    Primer for Stewart systems glue

    Until a few day ago I was helping a friend refinish a wooden airplane. Just as we were getting ready to cover the wings I somehow managed to tear up my foot so I'm not at the hangar for a while and getting e-mail updates on the progress. The 1mm plywood D-tube was pretty wavy so we spent a...
  4. Norman

    Activating new account

    My friend, Koen, filled out the registration form with the name "nestofdragons" but can't log in. I don't remember anything about my first login to this site so I don't know what to tell him. Is there just awaiting period for approval?
  5. Norman

    Inspecting OLD fiberglass?

    A friend of mine found a BD-4 that apparently hasn't flown in 40 years. It was also never painted but did make a a couple cross country flights before being hangard indefinitely. We are now trying to get it back into the air. The BD-4 is a fiberglass wet wing. The resin is kind of a greenish...
  6. Norman

    Mass moment of inertia?

    Say I know this guy with a flying wing motor glider and he can get a much lighter engine than what was available to the designer 30 years ago. The pilot's back is already right up against the spar and he's got the battery as close to the trailing edge as it can get. So the only option to balance...
  7. Norman

    Kiceniuk Icarus V airfoil

    I've been trying to draw the TK 7315 from ordinates. Normally this would be a pretty straight forward process but the set of coordinates that were provided are a bit eccentric. David Lednicer's Incomplete Guide to Airfoil Usage lists the Icarus V as having a "MacCready TK 7315 mod" (I assume...
  8. Norman

    Elevator thickness

    I remember reading somewhere that slightly thickening the elevator can help the boundary layer to stay attached at high deflection angles but I don't recall any rule to decide how high this bump or step at the hinge ling should be. I assume that this height would depend on the boundary layer...
  9. Norman

    10 aircraft, one engine

    That's one powerfull tug:whistle:
  10. Norman

    CM, CMsub0, CMsub0.25 ad infinitum

    I've been working on a spreadsheet to calculate some numbers that I'm interested in. One formula I'm using requires CM and assumes that it will be CMsub0.25 This is fine as long as I'm using section data generated by the Eppler code. Since I don't have access to much of that I'd like to...
  11. Norman

    Why on earth would a swept wing have polyhedral

    The Mitchell U-2 has polyhedral and winglets. Since swept wings typically have dutch roll caused by excessive dihedral effect at low speed why would you design in actual dihedral? The only thing I can think of is that the U-2 is notorious for leaving part of one stabilator at the touchdown...
  12. Norman

    Stagnation point and upwash angle?

    I'm consulting on some modifications to a swept wing motor glider. One mod being considered is the addition of vortilons. Unfortunately there doesn't seam to be much published about how to do it (not that I can get easily anyway). As I understand it the idea is to block the spanwise flow of...
  13. Norman

    An original Horten

    Last year some people in Argentina restored the HIb. This is not a replica, it's the actual 1953 airplane. The HIb is a reworked version of the Horten brothers' first glider. The HI was built in 1933. It had a central elevator and ailerons and didn't handle very well. In spite of the poor...
  14. Norman

    NURBS are wavy

    from the Nurflugel mailing list
  15. Norman

    T.W.I.T.T. has lost two key members

    June Wiberg passed away on January 11th and Bob Fronius passed away on February 9th. Bob was one of the founding members of TWITT (The Wing Is The Thing) and the only one who still lived in the United States. They were also active members of the Sailplane Home builder's Association. A memorial...
  16. Norman

    Aircraft Cables

    This showed up on another list this morning. I thought it might be of interest to some of you guys. ---- Original Message ----- From: Michael Wallace To: ******@***.*** Cc: mike_1 Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2004 4:51 AM Subject: Aircraft Cables Hello Sir: In the below...