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  1. Pops

    Parts For Sale Airport land and hanger for sale

    Airport land and hanger for sale. Medical problems. Good location to retire.
  2. Pops

    A supply of Douglas Fir for building airplanes

    Today my wife sent me in town today to a print shop in a very large old building. Large old 3 story brick building close to some railroad tracks. Had to be built in the 1800's. The main floor looked like it had been a railroad terminal lobby and the rest of the building for unloading freight...
  3. Pops

    VW flywheel bolt.

    Anyone know of a good way to safety the flywheel nut on a flywheel drive VW engine ?
  4. Pops

    My all time favorite airplane.

    Being a little long on tooth, I like the older airplanes. You know, the ones with round engines that make music. I was a next door hanger neighbor to a friend that ran a skydiving club and he used a big engine mod straight tail C-182 and a 1953 Beech 18 for about 15 years. I got to help in...
  5. Pops

    What was the first airplane you flew in and how old ?

    What was the first airplane you flew in and how old? Had to be after Dec. 17th , 1903. :)
  6. Pops

    WW-2 History

    Interview with Paul Tibbets in the job of dropping the atomic bomb. Old friend of mine was one of Paul Tibbets neighbors and he signed a copy of his book for me. Very, very good book. The book is very detailed.
  7. Pops

    For Sale

    For Sale --- 2 sets of wing aluminum lift struts for the 4 seat Bearhawk. $200 for 1 set. (2 in set). Pickup only due to the length. Send PM.
  8. Pops

    Little fun on the ground

    Pump your tires up. Our clay grass field it muck when wet and a brick when dry. So I taxi the SSSC with the tiny 4" tail wheel off the ground a lot. SO------ One day I forgot to take my left wheel chock out from the front of the left wheel on the SSSC. I'm lazy and didn't want to shut the...
  9. Pops

    Pietenpol ( Grega )

    This Pietenpol ( Grega) is for sale in Barnstormers. My neighbor owned it for many years. I know the airplane very well and have flown in formation with it many times . Very good Cont-65 powered Pete . My neighbor sold it to the present owner a few years ago. Another neighbor has a Piet...
  10. Pops

    Homebuilt decal

    Received the Homebuilt decal yesterday and stuck it on the rear window. I like it. Thank You. Dan R.
  11. Pops

    Building a VW Aero-Engine

    Part #1 in Building a VW Aero- Engine. Not a good speaker, but its just me. No editing. Dan R.
  12. Pops

    I have an idea, what do you think ?

    So the JMR Special is finished except the flying off the 40 hrs. The VW pipe ( sand, mud, etc ) buggy is about ready for the final coat of paint and then bolt it together to be finished. That means I have nothing to work on and winter is getting here. Been thinking ( Caution, Caution, or...
  13. Pops

    Restored B-29

    Great video of a restored B-29. Side note-- Good friend of mine was Paul Tippets neighbor in Ohio. I have a personal signed copy of his book the "Enola Gay". B29
  14. Pops

    Flying the SSSC over the hills in WV

    Found some old videos of flying the SSSC. 2640 rpm is about 50% power.
  15. Pops

    Cont 0-200 cylinders.

    I just received 2 Cont. -0-200 Cylinders #6674 . One has rocker pin bushing and the other doesn't. Its drilled for the OD of the rocker arm pin. Why are they different ? Dan
  16. Pops

    Can you name these old airplanes.

    Some of the pictures I have. This is taken at Wert Field, WV. At the time is was the main airport for Charleston, WV. Down the Kanawha river from town several miles. At the time my parents lived about 3 miles toward Charleston. The DC-3 on the field must be American Airlines by the AA on...
  17. Pops

    Restoring a 1930 Bird Bi-Plane with a Kinner Engine.

    My neighbor is restoring a 1930 Brunner-Winkle Bird Model CK airplane with a Kinner engine. One of 50 built. It was designed for Barnstorming. Two place front cockpit with a folding seat in the center of the instrument panel for a child for 3 in the front cockpit for max profit. Fuselage...
  18. Pops

    SSSC-2 Higher AR and less drag for better soaring ( mini-powered sailplane)

    Any one want to voice there ideas for a little better soaring airplane. We will call it the SSSC-2 . Light weight, more wing area and less drag. SSSC but extending the wing from 30' to 34'and extending the wing cord from 48" to 54" for a wing area of 153 sq' . Same 24" wide fuselage...
  19. Pops

    JMR Special Geodetic Wing Construction

    This video might answer some questions.
  20. Pops

    JMR Special walk around.

    Made a little video of a walk around of the JMR Special. Over look my editing, maybe I'll improve the next time. Rarely look in the mirror, I look like I'am about 8 months :)