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  1. Rockiedog2

    Cameras and Photo Editors

    For years I've been using Pic Monkey to edit and really liked it but the yah-ooes in charge of course thought they had to "improve" it. Ruined it for me. So I'm looking for a simple editor to sharpen, crop, adjust saturation and color. And free. None of that stuff like Gimp or Photoshop where...
  2. Rockiedog2

    Mrs Carlson struts and tanks

    I have bought streamline AL struts and fuel tanks from Mrs Carlson. Have been googling around and haven't found anything. Anybody got a link? Thx
  3. Rockiedog2

    Mr Fisher?

    Has Mr Fisher been around? I been absent a lot so don’t know. Last I heard he was covering his Cub and went down with a broken leg
  4. Rockiedog2

    The Millholland Designs Legal Eagle Ultralight, Legal Eagle XL and Double Eagle

    Thought I would start us a thread for Leonard's designs. Anything concerning the LEU, XL or DE. Construction techniques, motors, performance, weight and balance, sources, material, questions or whatever you want feel free to put it here. Some thread drift is ok so long as it may be remotely...
  5. Rockiedog2

    DUATS Replacement

    I need one for a laptop and phone no Ipad. I liked the flight planning feature especially. What you guys using? I did a couple searches.
  6. Rockiedog2

    Sabre Prop Extension

    SAE 1 flange, 4" for small Continentals includes proper hardware. Mounted once but never run so like new. $325 shipped lower 48. [email protected] or 6624177185 Thanks Rockiedog
  7. Rockiedog2

    MC-10 Nosebowl new, never mounted, in as received condition. $95+shipping Thanks Joe 6624177185
  8. Rockiedog2

    Carbon Fiber rectangular tube

    size 1x2x72" Never used; appears in like new condition. Still in the original plastic sleeve. purchased in I think 2013 or about and kept in dark closet since. Original cost approximately $200. $90 + shipping. Thanks Joe 6624177185
  9. Rockiedog2

    (3)Heavy Duty 600x6 Tubes

    I bought these in 15 for a trip to Utah. They are supposed to be heavy duty which is what I wanted for the sharp rocks and rough strips I planned to land on. They were expensive, $105 each; stamped Apr and Mar 2014 manufacture date. I ran them about 50 hours and went tubeless. I have an invoice...
  10. Rockiedog2

    Small Continental Starter

    Key type. Working when removed; included nice looking gear set/clutch. Sold as is. $200+shipping Thanks Joe 6624177185
  11. Rockiedog2

    Small Continental alternator

    Working when removed a couple years ago. If you're installing the B&C Item 200G lightweight alternator you will need the drive gear set which I've been told by B&C is $8-900 new. This alternator has that drive gear set and it "looks" OK with some marking on the gear teeth which I would call...
  12. Rockiedog2

    GoPro batteries

    I've done a lot of videos with GoPros and the batteries are always a problem. Charge em up and a day or so later they're down and haven't even been powered up. I've got probably at least a dozen including several piggy back high capacity aftermarket versions and they're better but not much. The...
  13. Rockiedog2

    Welding Question

    I may have a need to mig an AN6 or AN7 bolt to 1/8" 4130 plate. The wire spool says ER70S-6. Is there any compatibility problem mixing that wire, 4130 and whatever the AN bolts are made of? I'm specifically wondering if the bolt will get brittle after welding. It's a fairly high stress...
  14. Rockiedog2

    What I Learned About My Zenith 701

    I've had a number of requests for info on the Zenith 701 and have been hesitant for a number of reasons. I've posted my findings at length on the old Yahoo group(now defunct) and the ZAC company sponsored forum but that info isn't available to HBAers (as VB stated) access you have to have a...
  15. Rockiedog2

    RV8 Quick Build

    Fuse, Wings and most all parts. The control torque tube and sticks are missing and a couple push pull rods, maybe a few misc small parts. Mount, cowling, fairings, wheel pants, wheels, tires, brakes, plans included. No empennage or imstruments. If any interest PM me and I'll get detailed pics...
  16. Rockiedog2

    Thrust Line

    We had a short discussion a while back about thrust line. As I recall, we didn't go into much depth about it. I know enough about the effects of offset vs zero offset thrust line to meet my needs...I've set my mounts so the crank is plumb with the long axis on all the mounts I've built(Pitts S1...
  17. Rockiedog2

    You Ain't Lived Til...

    You ain't lived til you run over an AL ladder with a 10 ft bushog. Hidden in deep weeds, forgotten. Been there since changing the sock out several years ago. It takes a looong time to chop it up. And LOUD, you never heard anything like it. And the whole time I'm wondering what the HELL is goin...
  18. Rockiedog2

    Furry Friends

    I like animals. I used to kill and eat a lot of em...some sort of cave man thing but got over that. So I've been seeing this gray and white wild cattum around here for a while and left him some of Rockie's(RIP my friend) left over food in a frying pan out on the front porch of my mansion here in...
  19. Rockiedog2


    Looking at my inbox I see a bunch of stored messages listed and a button to empty the stored mesage folder which I don't want to do til review. How do I access the stored messages I can't fiind any way. Thx Joe
  20. Rockiedog2

    Rotax 912 ULS airbox

    I got a Rotax 912 airbox here that's been buried under other stuff on the parts shelf for several years and it's finally worked it's way to the top. I've read/heard that it's not worth the cost/weight/trouble and have also heard that yes it makes a big difference in the performance. I don't...