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    Structural question

    If you have read any of my recent posts in the Christavia build log, on one of my lasts posts there, I eluded to a bit of discussion when it came to welded vs. bolt on landing gear. One of the more knowledgeable and experienced home builders at our field, discouraged me from attempting to...
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    Christavia renewal and build log!

    At long last I have recommitted to my Christavia project that has it's roots in my mind as far back as the the 1980s. First a little history. 80s and 90s I had been picking the minds of EAAers in the Lake County IL area for some time. Looked at a few Christian Eagles, a Starduster or two and...
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    Two, CG in a not so unique design, questions

    My Single biggest concern: Prior to deciding to build I had shopped the used homebuilt market extensively. I often found that many home built aircraft owner/operators knew within a few ounces what their airplane weighed, but had no idea what its empty weight CG was!!!! Nor did they have an...
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    Can anyone define "trammel"?

    My plans and instruction manual (60 photocopied text sheets) say to slip the ribs onto the spars, glue the reinforcement plates where diagramed, bolt up the wing fittings, tension the drag and anti drag wires, then “trammel” the bays of ribs before glueing. The dictionary doesn’t offer an...
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    Yet another new guy! (has anyone ever built a Christavia?)

    Hello Folks! Was very encouraged reading through the forums this morning! Some great info here, that I can’t readily access anywhere else. Thanks to the admin, for recent advertisements in sport aviation for the forum site, it’s how I found my way. Working on my first project, a plans...