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  1. olgol

    Piano hinges - how to attach to wood

    What is the common practice regarding the above question - how to attach piano hinges to a wooden structure (elevator, rudder, aileron, etc). The two most obvious alternatives in my mind (not necessarily applicable to aircraft) are 1) bolts and nuts, 2) wood screws. Rivets seem to be out of...
  2. olgol

    Lite Ply for spar shear webs or ribs?

    Please don't kick me too hard for asking this... What are the possible dangers of using lite ply (poplar plywood) for spar/rib shear webs? Assuming that it is strong enough for my design, and I can confirm that the strength is adequate by some rudimentary testing, why not use it for shear webs...
  3. olgol

    HELP - Wittman landing gear on UL?

    I am trying to find any information about Wittman type of landing gear and I can't find any specifics. Are there any special design considerations, gotchas, things to look out for, difficulties in implementation, installation, etc. of such gear design? There are a lot of praises and credits to...
  4. olgol

    Operating float planes on lakes

    I need some basic help with the regulations related to operating float planes on lakes within or near city limits, or anywhere not in the wild open places. What are the requirements to float planes as far as water operations are concerned? Are they treated same as water vessels and must they...
  5. olgol

    Rib design and rib stitching

    I would like to hear some opinions about alternative rib designs for ultralights with front and rear tubular spars, and how they are related or suitable for attaching the top covering to the ribs. Here are some questions/thoughts that I would like to discuss: 1. Is rib stitching needed on true...