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  1. bwainfan

    Barnaby Wainfan's EAA 2020 "virtual OSH" forum

    My EAA Spirit of Aviation talk "The 7 Deadly Sins of Airplane Design" is now online here:
  2. bwainfan

    Barnaby Wainfan newsletter

    I am starting a newsletter to provide news and updates on the Facetmobile, Facetmobile-related projects, and any other aeronautical items I might think would be interesting. If you are interested, please sign up here: Postings will be at random intervals...
  3. bwainfan

    IVO Prop Blades Needed

    Needed: IVO ultralight prop blades: Right hand rotation diameter 64 to 70 inches set of 2 blades needed to run prop as 2-blade. I am currently flying a 60 inch diameter on an experimental ultralight, and want to investigate increasing prop diameter to improve climb. I have a 60 inch...
  4. bwainfan

    Facetmobile Video on Youtube

    We have posted some video of the Facetmobile (N117wd) on Youtube. You can view it at: Barnaby Wainfan