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    Garmin GNS-530WAAS 14-28 Volt GPS/NAV/COMM

    Selling my Garmin GNS-530W in perfect condition... In amazing condition for an amazing deal. Comes with Tray, connectors and antenna. Asking: $4,700.00 Email: [email protected] Thanks
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    Garmin GNS-430 WAAS

    GPS COMM NAV GS Garmin GNS 430 WAAS 14/28 volts 8.33 revised and tested by Garmin never installed since come with rack, back flat, install kit with connectors, data base and Easa Form One delivered by Garmin. The screen is nine changed by Garmin (still filmed) No scratch or wear on the facade...
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    Christavia Mark IV project 80% done

    I have a project that is a about 80% done with materials ( fabric, dope etc) to finish Will need engine and a avionics. Scott tailwheel, Cessna Mains, All plans and books extras. I can send pictures to interested party. I am accepting offers. 135' fabric/11 gal poly spray, 9 gal poly brush...