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    Kr2s vs Kr super2

    I'm curious about the KR-Super2 Plans on line downloadable for free Seems a better aircraft than the KR-2s As I believe you get what you pay for I'm obviously missing something
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    Kr2s vsKR super2

    Wondering what the difference between the KR-2s and the KR super2 is
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    Carlson Sparrow II

    I am trying to seek infomation on this Aircraft Seems the company or rights to the plan is in limbo Are there plans available?
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    Cherry BX-2 Plans

    Looking for Cherry BX-2 Plans
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    KR2 KR2s Plans

    Wondering if anyone has a set of KR2 KR2s Plans they want to sell
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    What Engine basics

    While looking to build a VW engine for a future build I approached a local VW enthusiast Only to be confronted with questions like Size, Single or duel Port etc I can assume size is a dependent on aircraft But Ports???? What else is a criteria Is there a conversion chart somewhere CC to HP...
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    Tin Snip Brands

    What Brand of Tin Snips do you use I'm told WIZ snips are good But heard elsewhere not to buy any with a serrated cutting edge that the Wiz Brand do??
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    Ebay Plans

    Found these on Ebay Got me curious so I messaged the seller and asked if they come with a serial/Registration number Got the reply "That has not happened since, roughly, 1975 or so. That is approximately when the designer stopped supporting this craft. I am not familiar with Australian...
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    Can one scratchbuild a RV-12 from plans only?? Are plans available
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    Cutting Tools

    Wondering on thought or the best tool for cutting sheets and profiles Large hole etc Nibbler, shears or snips Best brands to buy
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    Is there anywhere else I can get hold of the plans other than RANs for the S-19 VENTERRA I have been told they give them away (i.e. free) but after emailing rans as there is nothing on there website They keep saying to ring them to order Ummm I am in Australia That's not going to happen
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    Construction Books

    Can anyone recommend me a book (website maybe) on general construction techniques and procedures (if there is such a thing)
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    Search Function

    Anyone else having problems with the search/new post function or is it just me
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    WOW the choices

    Not trying to get anyone to make a discussion for me just after advice on if I have any more choices I'm trying to decide on a plans build I'm in Australia (not that is relevant) I'm limited to 1/Limited funds SO I would need to buy materials as I could afford them (so a kit is out of the...
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    Any More for free

    Team MiniMax offer there plans online to download and use for free I'm wondering if there are anymore complete plans online for free or really cheap
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    Converting Plans to metric

    Attempting to plan my first build ( a HiMax) The plans are in Imperial and I am in Australia where everything is Metric Im wondering How critical is the size of the timber (lumber) for example a piece is 5/8 wide converted this to mm and rounded off is 16mm I can only get stock at 12mm or...
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    Make Me A

    I just put together an online forum for people to exchange items, seek items, Manufacture items have Items made etc It may be of some interest to some subscribers I thought it was a good idea as not all of us have access to a lathe etc Its still in its initial...
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    Scanner Antenna

    I'm wondering if someone has plans to build a antenna for a Scanner At the moment I am using the rubber ducky type that come with the scanner but would like to construct one to mount on the roof of the house
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    Metal tool

    Maybe a bit off the track of this forum BUT Ive seen a hand tool that looks like a pop rivet gun that inserts a sort of rivet or a T nut type thing with a thread in the centre. Ive seen it used to mount things in house plaster walls and also in radio cases to attach mounting brackets via...
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    Could someone please point me in the direction of where I can buy CLECOS and pliers in Australia preferably on-line or in VICTORIA __________________